The OSJ and Associates - A Time-frame of Events
Complied by F. John Loughnan
April 12, 2006; updated as at April 30, 2006

1908 Fouhy    Born in New Zealand
1943 Fouhy    Ordained.
1956 Pichel    "Pichel established the Corporation in 1956 to serve 'as the historical and legal community' of the Order. Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta v Messineo, 572 F.Supp. 983 (E.D.Pa. 1983)"
1958 Wathen    Ordained
1 and 42
1967 Pichel    "Pichel was not only an adherent to the 'Old Catholic Church' ...In 1967 Pichel became allied with a group of Catholic traditionalists who denied the authority of the US bishops."
1969, April 3 Paul VI    Promulgation of the new Missale Romanum
1969 + Fouhy    "He briefly left the priesthood after the changes introduced by Vatican II and its aftermath and was married for a brief period of time. After his divorce, Fouhy decided to return to the active practice of the priesthood as a traditional priest."
1970 self-styled "Orders"    "Repeated warnings have appeared in L'Osservatore Romano regarding 'self-styled Orders'".
1971 Wathen    Publishes "The Great Sacrilege"
"The Great Sacrilege ... an extended critique of the Novus Ordo Mass...published by TAN Book Publishers... written by Fr. Wathen ... who studied at St. Maur's Seminar, South Union Kentucky... ordained in 1958, and who served in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg, New York until 1970 ... identified as a 'Knight Chaplain of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta.'"
1971 c. (?) Fouhy    "Fouhy was previously associated with the Society of St. Pius X and later became a sedevacantist. In 1983, Fouhy spent two days with Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc Pierre Martin. In the early 1990s he spent time at Mount Saint Michael in Spokane, Washington." That is with the schismatic and sedevacantist CMRI under Thucite Bishop Mark Pivarunas. [F.J.L.]
   "He resides at Levin, New Zealand."
1971 Wathen    "Fr. Wathen's book 'Is the Order of St John Masonic' (1973) defends the Pichel Order from Dr. Pro's unjust criticism. However in addition it allowed Fr Wathen to produce an apologetic for the Pichel Order as being the historic successor to the medieval crusading 'Order of St. John of Jerusalem', labelling the Roman Catholic successor to the Crusading Order as being the 'Papal Order of Malta'.
   "...By partially quoting certain historic documents and ignoring a vast number of other documents (essential to any accurate historic picture.) Pichel makes the Russian Grand Priory surviving in Russia to be the surviving Order (the whole Order and not just a Russian branch) - and the Roman Catholic Order - SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) becomes in Pichel's writings, an imitation Order.
   "...Wathen saw Pichel's 'OSJ' as being the real historic Order, and accepted Pichel's claims that the Priests of the 'Order' (Pichel's Shickshinney Order) were canonically exempt from control by local Bishops. This is just what was needed. Add a traditional Catholic organisation on to the Pichel Order - and as far as Fr Wathen was concerned you have a safe haven for tridentine rite Catholics - with legitimate historic dispensations from local control!"
1973 + Fouhy    Photo of Fr. Fouhy: Our Lady of Fatima Photographic Archives 1973 - 1977
1976 self-styled "Orders"    "The Holy See, as the superior of all Catholic religious Orders, was particularly troubled by the increasing number of such bodies which appeared during the twentieth century and in 1935, 1953, 1970 and 1976 issued statements condemning such 'Orders' and listing the principal examples of such.
   "...The most troubling of the self-styled Orders are those that assume the name and badge and adopt the history of an internationally recognized Order of Chivalry...They have been aided in this by the Holy See which on 28 November 1976 and 1 December 1976, published in the 'Osservatore Romano,' making it clear that the so-called 'Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem' was nothing to do with the Sovereign Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta."
1976, Jan. 1 Xxxxxxxx    Illicit "Ordinations and consecrations" at Palmar de Troya by Archbishop Ngô-dinh-Thuc.
1976, Sept. 17 Xxxxxxxx    "AAS 68-623: re: Excommunication of parties to the Ordinations Conferred by Archbishop Ngô-dinh-Thuc (S.C. Doct. Fid.)
"Finally, as regards those who have already received ordination in this illegitimate manner or those who will perhaps receive ordination from the former, whatever is to be said of the validity of the Orders, the Church neither now recognizes nor will recognize their ordination and, as regards all effects of law, holds them to be in that state which each one of them previously had. The above-mentioned penal sanctions remain in effect until they repent. All things to the contrary notwithstanding..."

1976, Dec. 1 Grady/O.S.J.    "L'Osservatore Romano
"Enquiries have been received from various parties asking for further information regarding the Sovereign Order of Jerusalem and in particular regarding how the Holy See looks on this Order.
   "We are authorised to repeat the clarifications previously published in L'Osservatore Romano in this connexion. The Holy See, in addition to its own Equestrian Orders, recognises only two Orders of Knighthood: The Sovereign Military Order of St John of Jerusalem, called The Order of Malta, and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
   "No other Order, whether it be newly instituted or derived from a mediæval Order having the same name, enjoys such recognition, as the Holy See is not in a position to guarantee its historical and juridical legitimacy. This is also the case with regard to the above-mentioned Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem which assumes, in an almost identical form and in such a way as to cause ambiguity, the name of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.(15)"
1978 Xxxxxxxx    Clemente Fernand Dominguez Gómez formed The Holy Palmarian Church. From this time "consecrations were done in the "Palmarian Rite" - NOT in the "Roman Rite." From August 1978, Gómez assumed the title of "Pope Gregory XVII" for The Holy Palmarian Church.
1979 Xxxxxxxx    "Mgr. Ngô Dinh Thuc moved to Toulon, France. There , in 1979, he raised to the episcopate (for the 'umpteenth time') Jean Labourie, leader of the schismatic 'Old Catholic' sect, the 'Latin Church of Toulouse.'"
1979 Grady    "The defendant, John L. Grady, joined the [Pichel] Order in 1979 after having started the 'American Christian Church and Order,' which he hoped would become a legal affiliate of the Order."
1981, June Xxxxxxxx    An Anglican, baptized by Fr. Black of the Society of St Pius X. He describes the "real agenda" of the SSPX as "preserving clericalism", and SSPXers as having "just about the joy of the charnel house ... rigid priests and caricatures of faithful..." However, on to Ecône in 1982, and "Fr. Aulagnier was positive, as was Fr. Tissier de Mallerais... Fr. Aulagnier had me go to one of the Society's schools in France."
1982 Grady    "...Grady proposed to Salvatore T. Messineo, the President of the Corporation and Lieutenant Grand master of the Order, that the Corporation issue a license for Grady's organization to use its trademark. Messineo denied the request because of Dr. Grady's alleged participation in para-military and white supremacist groups, and the Corporation's board of directors expelled Grady from the Order in 1983. Despite his expulsion, the defendant continued to use the trademark, name, and other symbols of the Corporation and Order..."
1983, Mar. 12 Xxxxxxxx    ( the excommunication of Archbishop Thuc for the second time.)
   "Finally, as regards those who have already received ordination in this illegitimate manner or those who will perhaps receive ordination from the former, whatever is to be said of the validity of the Orders, the Church neither now recognizes nor will recognize their ordination and, as regards all effects of law, holds them to be in that state which each one of them previously had. The above-mentioned penal sanctions remain in effect until they repent. All things to the contrary notwithstanding...
   "Moreover this Sacred Congregation believes it has the duty strongly to advise members of the faithful to avoid participating in or fostering in any way liturgical activities or undertakings and works of another kind which are prompted by those persons mentioned above."

1983, May Xxxxxxxx    Confirmed by Archbishop Lefebvre, but, "by June 1983, I had taken the decision to leave the Society and return to England." However, "I was accepted into the année de spiritualité of the Archdiocese of Paris was a year of discernment of vocation..."
1985 Xxxxxxxx    Applied for and was accepted into the Oblates of Wisdom - arrived Rome Oct. 18.
1985, Nov. 30 Bitzer    Ordained for the Society of St Pius X, Argentina.
1986 Xxxxxxxx    Applied to Bishop Pierre Mamie of the Diocese of Fribourg who advised him "to go to the University of Fribourg for my theological studies, and questions of integration into the diocese would be looked into later."
1987, Aug. 18 von Peters
and others
   "This case involves a localized aspect of a struggle for control over this national entity."
1988 + Bitzer    Sometime after 1988 Bitzer left the SSPX. In various Mass Locations Directories he is described as "O.S.J." or "Independent".
1990, Nov. Xxxxxxxx    "I met a dapper of a French priest...who was about to establish his priestly institute in Italy (Institute of Christ the King) ... in a place called Gricigliano... After my theological studies at Fribourg University, I joined this young community..."
1991 Grady
   "...Wathen saw Pichel's 'OSJ' as being a real historic Order, and accepted Pichel's claims that Priests of the 'Order' (Pichel's Shickshinney Order) were canonically exempt from control by local Bishops. This is just what was needed. As a traditional Catholic organization on to the Pichel Order - and as far as Fr. Wathen was concerned you have a safe haven for tridentine rite catholics - with legitimate historic dispensation from local control! Thus the 'Grady' Order began within the Pichel Order....
   "Fr. Wathen had gained a very keen layman who supported the tridentine Catholic cause - John Grady. In 1982 ... Grady sought to create what would have been essentially an autonmous branch of the Shickshinney Order... Although this was refused, Grady continued independently and in 1991 the breach was complete..."
1991 Grady
    "Further schisms from the original Pichel "Order".
   "In 1991, a further Order emerged from the Pichel 'Order' led by 'Prince Grand Master' John Grady; "Sovereign Order of St John, Knights of Malta". In 1997, Prince Serge Troubetzkoy provided his full support for the Grady Order with a signed Document, claiming that as he represented in his family tree three lines of Hereditary Commanders, most of the other lines having died out conveyed "the full authority and hereditary status of the Russian Hereditary Commanders" to John Grady."
1992, pre? Grady    Dutch site published (Dec. 2005) an undated [1970's - 90's? F.J.L.] F.B.I. "Memorandum" on
"...The Order of Saint John (OSJ) is a white supremacist organization based in Benton, Tennessee, and headed by Dr. John Louallen Grady ... Grady has indicated that he plans for members of this alliance to comit political assassinations and has instructed his followers to make hit lists of individuals who should be killed... the Domestic Terrorism Unit... believes that the proposed actions of the OSJ meet the threshold set forth in the Attorney General's Guidelines on DS/T investigations..."
1992 Fouhy
   "Father Wathen of the counterfeit Order of St. John attended and Fr. Fouhy an independent priest who now resides at Mount St. Michael in Spokane, Washington, and Fr. Joseph Vida Elmer who in 1987 became Bishop Elmer (by way of Robert McKenna through Guerard des Lauriers out of Ngo-dinh-Thuc.) The cult at Mount St. Michael and the schismatic Thuc lineage will be described later."
1993, May 3 Bitzer
   "(14A) This group may be associated with the 'Priory of Saint John' based in North Carolina (see 8D) and is now directed by a Father James Wathen and an associated, Fr Bitzer. A related group in Benton, Tennessee is led by a Dr John Grady. [2] These priests, one of whom was ordained by the excommunicated Archbishop Lefebvre, attempt to continue to maintain the pre vatican II Catholic tradition celebrating the Tridentine rite - however they are not in communion with Rome.... "
1993, March Xxxxxxxx    Ordained to the diaconate by Cardinal Palazzini.
1993, Oct. 27 Fouhy    "Consecrated a bishop... at Chaillac, France, by Jean Gérard de la Passion Antoine Laurent Charles Roux, a bishop of the Fraternité de Archéveque Ngô-dinh-Thuc."
   See Disputed Consecrations by Archbishop Thuc in relation to Roux's consecration
   AND, Bishop Xxxxxxxx's "Notes on Jean-Gérard Roux" below.
1994 Wathen Publishes "Who Shall Ascend"
   "...The uncompromising and charitable presentation of the Dogma of Faith, an analysis of the sinister strategies of Vatican II and its illegitimate, vile stepchild, the "New Mass", and finally a brilliant expose of the infiltration, occupation and exploitation the Holy Catholic Church, make this study not just unique but indispensable.
   "The spirit of the Catholic is to obey the Law, which the Catholic Church has the duty, by Divine command and authority, to teach and guard for the salvation of souls. Both the Law and Sacred Doctrine have been diluted and distorted in a diabolical doublespeak so serpentine that a new religion has emerged. This religion is subtle in its errors, devoid of tradition, doubtful in its sacraments, and fatal to those souls who are indifferent to its deception."
1994 Xxxxxxxx    "By 1995, I was in complete revolt ... I was to be wasted ... By the summer of 1995, I decided to leave the Institute..."
1995, Spring Xxxxxxxx    "I contacted a Continuing Anglican community in England ... returned to England to join the Anglican Catholic Church ....[but] was increasingly restless and aware that I was in the wrong place."
1995 O.S.J.    "Thus, the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem is not the same thing as the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem and is not recognized by the Church as a legitimate organization."
1996, Summer Xxxxxxxx    After "being told that I was to be ordained a priest on 30th November 1996 ... I wrote a letter of resignation ... On Sundays, I went to Roman Catholic indult Masses ... [eventually went back] to Gricigliano [but] my separation was absolute."
1997 - pre Grady    "'Properly informed and organized, these patriots can assure the nation's survival...' These are the words of support for the unorthorized and unregulated militia movements in America by John Grady, M.D., excerpted from the Militia News." 1
   "1. Andryszewski, Tricia. The Militia Movement in America. Brookfield, Connecticut: The Millbrook Press, 1997, 27. Excerpt from the Militia News."
1997, Dec. Xxxxxxxx    "I decided to appeal to the Roman prelate I had seen nearly ten years previously. The result was completely negative, suggesting that I was unsuitable for the priesthood on account of mental instability ..."
1997, Dec. 13 Troubetzkoy    "Oooopps!" - Grady's Troubetzkoy, was not an Hereditary Commander!
1998, Mar. Xxxxxxxx    "...I was in contact with ... Msgr. Raymond Terrasson...The ordination was organized for the 24th June 1998. ... This was always the problem about having been ordained by the wrong bishop... (who had been) ordained by the episcopus vagans Msgr. Jean Laborie... [who was consecrated by Thucite. F.J.L.] Clemente Dominguez y Gomez [at] Palmar de Troya."
1998, May Wathen    Bro. Alexis Bugnolo produces a Critique of Fr. James Wathen's "The Great Sacrilege." A Second Edition (slightly revised) is produced in 2001.
1998, June 24 Xxxxxxxx    Ordained priest by Raymond Maurice Terrasson - a bishop of the Eglise Latine de Toulouse - who was also consecrated a Thucite Bishop.
1998, Nov. 20 Brindle
   Posts a review on "Fr. Wathen's The Great Sacrilege" at Amazon Books
"This book proves: "1. The "New Mass does not involve Papal Infallibility. "2. The Apostolic Constitution Missale Romanum of Pope Paul VI is null and void. "3. The Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum of Pope St. Pius V is still in effect. "4. The "Tridentine Mass" is the only Mass of the Latin Rite. "5. The "New Mass" is new. "6. The "New Mass" is illegal. "7. The "New Mass" is not Catholic. "8. The "New Mass" -- if we can believe the Council of Trent and official documents of the Church -- is no Mass at all. "9. The "New Mass" is THE GREAT SACRILEGE."    Note. The current (Apr. 10, 2006 Review attributes the review to "A Reader"
   My hard-copy downloaded on Dec. 6, 2000 gives the attribution to:
   "Reviewer: John ( from Bardstown, Kentucky"
- who is, of course, John Brindle from the web-site "Ecclesia Militans", last updated 2002, promoting "The Great Sacrilege" and displaying the "Order of Saint John's" Maltese Cross.
1999 - pre Wathen    "... 3. Usually those who distrust (and sometimes malign) the Order of St. John are unable to speak of it knowingly or intelligently. This is why they are never able to weaken the loyalty of members of the Order who have been carefully chosen and properly informed about its nature and activities....

   "5. A problem which it is hoped the Order will be able to find some remedial measures for as time goes on is that some of its worst enemies are individuals whom it received as Knights and/or Ladies. Obviously, these persons were admitted too hastily and without sufficient trial and training....

   "7. ...The major and all-important claim of the Order of St. John is that it is the genuine descendant of the ancient Order of Knights Hospitallers, the last of the three great military orders of the Church. This claim, for which evidence is abundant, remains unimpaired if every one of the Knights and Ladies is a rogue and rascal; nor is it strengthened or weakened by the current opinion of Vatican officials (the Roman Pontiff included) or groups of bishops regarding it;...

   "8. As we have done in the past, we again inform conscientious Catholics that the Order has been preserved by Divine providence for these days. It possesses exactly those prerogatives and qualifications whereby ... priests, having entered the Order to be free to fulfill the oaths of their priesthood, may find a fruitful and wonderful apostolate, in no way trammeled by the threats and treachery of their former ecclesiastical superiors, who now teach 'doctrines and precepts of men' (Mk. 7:7), not of God.

   "9. ...What the Church needs is a full-fledged counter-Revolutionary resurgence. Such a movement can be carried through
   (a) only by an institution within the Church, the legality and Catholicity of whose efforts are solidly established;
   (b) only by an institution which has the authority to engage in combat with the authorities of het Church, no matter how high and mighty they may be;
   (c) only by an institution which has the authority to impose the discipline of ecclesiastical law on its subjects and those associated with itself and all their activities;
   (d) only by an institution which has that fulness of prerogatives whereby it may re-establish Catholic life in all its aspects, and that in all places; which is to say, it must have the undeniable and confirmed right to set up not only chapels for worship, but schools also, including colleges and seminaries, hospitals and orphanages and the like, and religious communities for vocations to the priesthood, the brotherhood and the sisterhood (as the Order is presently doing). No group which is not built on a sound legal foundation can make any permanent contribution to the Church, especially at a time such as this."

Ummmm, yes, Fr. Wathen; I could add:
   (e). "Which is most certainly NOT the group to which you once belonged for so long, but which now rejects you!" Please return to full communion with the Catholic Church under your local Ordinary.(F.J.L.)
1999, Mar. 4 Brown    Records on file show Fr. Ron Brown, Independent listed in
The Official Catholic DIRECTORY OF TRADITIONAL LATIN MASSES & RESOURCE BOOK for the United States and Canada
1999, prior to Oct. Wathen    In a response to Fr. Wathen's reply to the Critique of The Great Sacrilege, Bro. Bugnolo (in blue) ended with:
"It should be known that Fr. Wathen, though once a Roman Catholic priest, is no longer. The Order he claims to belong to was supressed nearly 200 years ago, and the branch to which Fr. Wathen belongs was sustained by laymen belonging to Protestant organizations and Russian Orthodox laymen. It is entirely bogus and fraudulent. Fr. Wathen therefore has no faculties to hear confession or confect any sacrament. Any confession he hears is therefore invalid, as are his marriages. All the masses he says are sacrileges, offered as they are without episcopal mandate. Likewise are all the sacraments he confesses. "The Great Sacrilege" is therefore not the Novus Ordo Mass--though it does have its problems--but rather the author of the book by that title."
2000, Mar. Xxxxxxxx    "I was consecrated a bishop in March 2000" by Bishop Luc Strijmeersch [a Thucite first consecrated by Thucite Bishop Enos and again by alleged Thucite Bishop Roux. F.J.L.]
2000, Mar. 31 Cox
   The second entry in Michael Wilcox' Traditional Catholic Web Links Guestbook is:
"Record 2
"Name: Rick Cox
"Website: Euro Patriot Chronicle
"Referred by: Just Surfed On In
"From: Tennessee
"Time:2000-03-31 05:11:31
"Comments: Private Message (click to view)"
   Note: Here Rick Cox claimed to be the Webmaster/Owner/Promotor (?) of "Euro Patriot Chronicle" web-site!
   Soon afterwards this entry is edited to
"Friday 03/31/2000 4:11:31am
"This is a private entry.
"If you are the owner of this guestbook, you can press the button to view this entry."

56 and 57
2000, Apr. 8 Brown    Fr. Ronald Brown appears in TRADITIO's record for Apr.08, 2000 at Holy Rosary Chapel 65 S. La Fox, S. Elgin, IL.

2000, May 12 Bitzer
   SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.):
'I recently had a long conversation with Fr. James Wathen, OSJ, and the question of attending sede Masses came up because I travel somewhat regularly and am frequently not within reasonable distance of an SSPX chapel or OSJ priory. (Aside: OSJ is far more strict about NOs attendance at Traditional Mass than SSPX. OSJ permits NOs to observe Mass, but refuses NOs the Sacraments....'

   '...OSJ is a sovereign, military Catholic state. (Bulls of Pope Paschal II, 1113; Innocent II, 1130; Anastasius IV, 1154.) It has been such since its inception. It does not need the approval of women (of either sex), Traditional or otherwise, to exist; nor does it require approval, by anyone or any organization, for permission to exert its policy of restricting the Sacraments to proven Catholics...

   '...Well, would it be schismatic to refuse the Sacrements to Protestants? Abp Lefebvre frequently referred to NOs as 'neo-Protestants', and given the fact that the NO 'Mass' was designed with the approval (indeed, the collusion) of Protestants, Freemasons and Jews, and given the fact that Nos practice a religion not remotely recognizable as Catholic, and given the fact that the Sacrements are the sole possession of Holy Church, and given the fact that reception of the Sacrement of Communion by a non-Catholic incurrs the mortal sin of sacrilege, by what concievable act of charity should the Body of Christ be received by heretics? Such reception would be, at best, sacreligious, at worse desecration.    "As I write this, I am looking at the printed card handed to me by the Usher of the Priory of the Order of St. John in Louisville, KY. It reads, in part,
'...before anyone my receive the sacrements here, we request that he introduce himself to the Chaplain. Until you have done this, please do not go forward for Holy Communion.'
   "I understood immediately the reason, and was resigned to not receive Communion as I had not introduced myself to the Chaplain (Fr. Bitzer) before Mass. My sponsor, Sir B. Brutscher, OSJ, however, drove me to the Communion rail at bayonet-point (joking), and I was permitted the Sacrement by Fr. Bitzer only because I was obvioulsy with Sir Brutscher. Otherwise, impertenance on my part would not have avoided, as the printed card reads,
'...the embarrassment of being refused at the Communion rail.'
   "I think, personally, the larger question is, 'Are NOs, who "are members of the Church subject to him (the Roman Pontiff)" -- given this Pope's heresies, and the fruits of His Newchurch -- Catholic or not?' The OSJ position is that they are not going to take the risk of assuming one way or the other (i.e., one is Catholic, or one is not). Personally, I think OSJ's position is reasonable, not schismatic; and I have found nothing in *Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma,* by Dr. Ludwig Ott, to contradict OSJ's position. Besides, who are the schismatics; Traditionals, or the Newchurch denizens?"
2000, May 30 Brown    "'Fr. Ron Brown' is from the Thuc-line - ie. his ordination is illicit and a sacraledge. He opposses indult Masses, too. As such, none of them can claim to be priests of the Roman Catholic Church. They are neither chosen nor sent by her. They are imposters and a scandal to the faithful. Their Masses are likewise illicit and a sacraledge. I advise all to withdraw immediately from such scandal and pretense for the good of their own souls - less they sin by participating in a mockery of Holy Church." (sic.)
2000, Dec, 3-5 Dunn    Subject: Re: Society of Pius X annulments's Comments
Raymond V Dunn    "The problem with marriages officiated at by SSPX priests is a troubling one. Generally priests need delegation from the proper pastor or bishop to assist at Catholic marriages. Lacking this jurisdiction, the marriages on their face are null. This canonical rule would apply to any priest who has neglected to get the proper delegation. Thus several marriages performed by SSPX priests have been annulled by diocesan chanceries. The canonical term for the defect is 'defect of form.' The theory upon which SSPX operates is that their situation is a case of necessity, and in such cases the Church itself gives delegation of priestly faculties to administer sacraments. Rome has been silent on this issue. To avoid this problem, I suggest the following solution for traditional Catholics who frequent SSPX or independent chapels: : Have the marriage blessed first by a parish priest or his delegate with a wedding ceremony only and no Mass. Later, or even the same day, have the traditional Mass with a renewal of the marriage vows and nuptial blessing performed in the SSPX chapel. This should be done with discretion, however, as it might be considered an insult to the SSPX priest who will argue that this is not necessary. The overriding advantage, it seems to me, is that it would avoid the allegation of nullity before a chancery. At the same time it might also be considered an affront to the parish priest or his delegate to inform him of the second ceremony. Hence, again discretion is advised. If the parties are 'blabber mounts,' they may be invited to go a justice of the peace! There is no problem, however, of having a priest of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter or a priest from the Institute of Christ the King officiate, as these priests operate in a diocese only with the consent of the local ordinary, and they have all the required priestly faculties to administer sacraments. In such an important matter as marriage, the parties should not be in doubt about the validity of their marriage. If prudent measures are taken, scruples can be avoided. This analogy might be likened to the man who wears suspenders AND a belt. It might be an overkill, but at least the pants won't fall down!"

Logan LCDR Authur H (Fr. Aidan Logan, O.C.s.o.)    "I would add one caution to all this. It is never permitted to 'simulate' a sacrament. It is not even permitted to celebrate a Marriage conditionally unless there is real doubt as to the validity of the first rite. It would have to be made clear to all concerned that the second ceremony was simply a renewal of vows and not an actual wedding. An analogus situation arose in England when clandestine marriages were outlawed in 1753. Until 1836 all except Quakers and Jews were required to solmnize their marriages before a minister of the Church of England. Because the Canons of Trent (check our archives on this) had not been promulgated in England the consent given by Catholics before an Anglican Clergyman constituted a valid marriage. The practice arose of going directly from the Anglican ceremony to a Catholic church or chapel for the celebration of Catholic rites. Even though, strictly speaking, the second rite was a simulation the Church tolerated the practice. The difference however was that all Catholics weddings in England were in the same situation and therefore it was possible to have a uniform practice and catechesis."

Dot - Birddog780505471    "There was a couple that tried that, and it made the fraternity priest really angry when he found out that the couple were using him that way, and then returned to Pius X. He said that if he knew that they were planning 2 ceremonies, he would not have performed it. He will always ask from now on if people are registered in the parish or in the group. If not, then he is not obligated to perform a marriage. In other words, couples should make their decisions about where they will attend Mass, and then go to that place. In our diocese, at least one of the parties must be registered in the parish in order to be married in the church."

Logan LCDR Authur H    "The fact is that a priest has no jurisdiction to witness a marriage UNLESS one of the parties is a member of his parish. This is all spelled out in the Code of Canon Law. The entire text can be found at: It is interesting to note the Archbishop Lefevre was quite willing to accept the 1973 Code. I have seen it on the bookshelves of many SSPX priests and seminarians. It is my understanding the SSPX operates under the '73 Code though it must be admitted that the have to stretch many of its basic principles --especially on the question of Jurisdiction which directly effects the VALIDITY of their Marriages, Confirmations and Sacramental Absolutions."    "Several years ago, at Hampton, a couple of marriages were performed 'for the Church' by the SSPX priest. Unfortunately, he forgot to impress on the couples that they should immediately (or, at least, prior to consummating the marriage) go to the Registry Office and be married 'for the State'! The result was that, for one couple I know, they did NOT go to the Registry Office until several months later when they required a proof of marriage. They foolishly thought that the SSPX priest had authority to marry for both Church AND State. Unfortunately, they were wrong on both counts. These days, I believe, a SSPX priest at Hampton has been authorized by the State to be a Civil Marriage Celebrant.That fixed the State problem, but the Marriages 'for the Church' are still null and void.
2001 Grady    Priory of Saint John the Apostle website carries John L. Grady's "An Appeal to All Catholics" which calls for:
   "In particular, we must cease attending the sacrilegious New Order Mass, and must restore to all churches the Traditional Mass ..." (which is the) "only Mass which contains the true consecration and transubstantiation...
   "...liberal clergy and hierarchy...have substituted a new invalid mass ... the vast majority of Catholics ... are en route to condemnation... are now practicing a new religion..."
2001, April 20 Cox    "...Attached is a photo of the current pope. I can tell that you are a great admirer of this man so I am sure that you will like the photo of him kissing the Koran. After all, what can a grand apostate like JPII find to argue against a grand heretic like Mohammed?..."

   "I do not claim that John Paul II is not the pope. I claim that he is an apostate, a heretic, a bad pope, and a bad man. [Emphasis added by F.J.L.]
   "Whatever HIS abilities are in theology as compared to MINE are not germane to the issue. Lucifer is also a better theologian than I am.
   "Even the infamous Alexander VI was orthodox in his teaching.
   "JPII's apostasy does not mean that the Gates of Hell have prevailed, but it may be an indication that Satan has been unchained.
   "It is nothing but foolishness to follow a pope into Hell just because he is the pope. This thinking is along the same lines as jingoists who say 'my country right or wrong, but right or wrong my country'.
   "However, I do believe in and practice the religion of the popes -- all of the popes up to John XXIII. As far as I know, they all TAUGHT the religion of Jesus of Nazareth. That is not to say that they all made a good practice of it, but (at least) they TAUGHT it.
   "Furthermore, they did not replace the Holy Mass with a damnable sacrilegious insult to Our Lord and pretend that it is a real Mass.
   "This New Conciliar Religion is not Catholicism. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that. If YOU had a Catholic education in your youth, YOU know it."
2001, March- Dec. Nxxxx    "I visited your website today and found references to myself, Steve Nxxxx, and a website I used to run called 'truecatholic'. Additionally I found an extract from a message I left in another website's guestbook. I am writing to you to ask that you remove these references. I am no longer attending the Mass of Fr. Wathen and am in no way associated with the OSJ any longer. Additionally, I am no longer a feeneyite. The website I used to run is no longer available and I am not running any other website. I made some mistakes in judgement and in my pride I created that website thinking I could help others who I percieved were in error. I regret my mistakes. I am now content to just try to quietly live my life in acccording to my state of life as a Catholic layman."
This site lasted from Mar. 5, to Dec. 7, 2001 before ceasing to operate.
2002 Xxxxxxxx
   "...was dubbed as a Knight in the Sovereign Order of saint John of Jerusalem by its Grand Master, Dr. John L. Grady. Bishop Xxxxxxxx remains a loyal member of the Order, in good standing, though he resigned his office as its official Prelate for practical reasons (not living in the United States)."
24 and 37
2002, June 24 Athanasius Priory
   "More recently, the late Bishop of Portland, Maine forwarded a letter with the following statement to the Priory of St. Athanasius:
'...the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalam is a valid Catholic organization recognized by the Holy See...'
   Excerpt from a letter dated June 24, 2002, by the Most Rev. Joseph J. Gerry, O.S.B., Ph.D., Bishop of Portland, Maine."

- which is as disingenuous as an attempt to convince one that the following is a quote "from the Bible":
"It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to murder thy wife."
ALL actual words from Scripture, "just a little out of order" and a mixture from 2 Mac. 12:46, Matt. 19:18 and Gen. 3:17!

Without seeing the actual letter, it could be a quote prefaced and completed as follows:
"Regarding the claim that the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalam is a valid Catholic organization recognized by the Holy See, I have to advise that, in respect of the Grady OSJ, the claim has been refuted by the Holy See and other competent distinguished academics."
Couldn't it? [F.J.L.]
2002, Aug. 18 Xxxxxxxx     "...If I enter canonical relations with any Church authority, you will not be informed of the matter. However, I would be more inclined to become Orthodox than to join a church I never intended to join when I left Anglicanism 21 years ago. I'm afraid 'conservative catholicism' leaves me revolted and sickened..."
2002, Nov. F.B.I.    Report of the result of enquiries and investigation into the suspected misconduct of F.B.I. executives and others (including Larry A. Potts and Danny O. Coulson (see entry 1992 - pre above) pursuant to the "Ruby Ridge" case deaths on August 22, 1992. "The report concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove a double-standard of discipline, in part, because of the low number of cases involving senior executives, but that the FBI 'suffered and still suffers from a strong, and not unreasonable, perception among employees that a double standard exists."
2002, Nov. 23 Wathen    Fr. Ben Luther of the Diocese of Owensboro. Ky quoted at EWTN:
   "Fr. Wathen celebrates a VALID Mass, but it is highly ILLICIT as he is not only suspended, but he has also excommunicated himself. He passes himself off as a Knight of St. John and so directly under the jurisdiction of the Holy Father. In fact,a formal notification that he is NOT legit appeared in a declaration of the Congregation for the Faith at the Vatican and was published in the L'Osservatore Romano YEARS ago. These things tend to be forgotten, I know.
   "Fr. Wathen suspended himself (by law, automatically) by splitting from the Church. People need to be advised NOT to attend his Masses or receive Sacraments from him. His absolutions are invalid in the Sacrament of Penance as he is suspended. His Masses are illegal and forbidden, but valid nonetheless, like the Orthodox."
2003, Feb. 7 Wathen    Fr. Wathen appears for the last times on the pages of the OSJ web-site as "Chaplain." Presumably, he had been "expelled" some time prior to this date.
2003, April 25 Deel    "Hello Everyone! Please view my website:
   "I belong to the order of Saint John who shows filial obedience to the Pope. We are a very charitable organization and only celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass. If you would like to become a member of the order, no matter where you live or if you would like to visit us please contact me via email or by phone at 4235720667. Thank you so much!"
2003, May 21 Deel
   "Just for a reference, James Wathen is not with the OSJ anymore and hasn't been for quite some time.I have never met the man! Also, I was baptized by Father Webster and confirmed by Bishop Xxxxxxxx just for your reference."
2003, May 22 von Peters    "John, here in America, the horse-trading that goes on over chivalric orders of questionable origin and recognition is almost identical to that of so-called Old Catholic ordination. The last time I heard anything about the OSJ, they were reportedly going through a nasty split which involved Wathens on one side and well-known Siri Vacantist William von Peters on the other side. If memory serves correct, the matter had gone to the civil courts, whom if I recall correctly, had ruled in favor of the side von Peters was on. Since there is a good probability that various traditionalists associated with the OSJ would have come down on either side, this could be the answer."
2003, Aug./Sept. Brown    Michael Deel's Latin Mass Directory lists Fr. Ronald Brown, "OSJ", "Independent" for the first time, and Brown's Holy Rosary Chapel 65 S. La Fox, S. Elgin, IL becomes an OSJ venue. .

2003, Oct. 3 Deel    Ticker tape at bottom of web-page:
"Update Oct. 3, 2003. ...Also I will be leaving to France by the end of this month. Please pray for me on this long journey and that my seminary training will be a success." Requests financial assistance.
2003 Fouhy    "Currently, at the age of 96, he lives in retirement in a nursing home in New Zealand."
2003 Xxxxxxxx    "At the end of 2003, I visited a bishop (fourth generation in a Duarte Costa lineage) ...In view of the gross irregularities of my priestly ordination and its antecedents (Bishop Terrason, Palmar de Troya, etc.), he conferred priestly ordination and episcopal consecration on me sub conditione...We rapidly find ourselves in a world of bogus knightly orders and noble titles..."
2003 Xxxxxxxx    Also "the end of 2003" saw his cessation as "The Grand Prelate" of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem
2003, Dec. 6 Xxxxxxxx    This the last time that the OSJ web-site advertises the link to "OSJ Seminary" - which is the link to Msgr. Xxxxxxxx's Priory in France - now a dead link.
2004, pre Wathen    "...I was in contact with the Grady some time ago and he said that Fr. Wathen was expelled ... I am from Evansville ... To the best of my knowledge he still operates out of that Priory. Here is the webpage associated with that chapel: ..."
2004 Xxxxxxxx    "We thus have reason to believe, from reading the French website, that Roux was consecrated neither by Archbishop Thuc nor by Bishop Bedingfeld. At best, he is a bishop of the Vilatte succession. He is certainly a validly ordained priest, having received the sacerdotal Order from Bishop Jean Laborie. We can conclude that if Roux is a bishop, he has no connection with the succession of Archbishop Ngô-dinh-Thuc." - Mgr Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Downloaded Dec. 8, 2004.
   [See Mgr Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx's "Notes on Jean-Gérard Roux" F.J.L.]
Mgr. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx's consecrator, Lucien-Cyril Strijmeersch, was first consecrated by Enos in 1991, and again consecrated by Roux in 1994!

2004, Feb, 18 Some Thucite Bishops    Thuc ex "Bishop" Geoffrey Francis Mayne's updated website carries the following warnings:
   "The Broadberry Lineage: due to the fact that Broadberry questions the validity of his own consecration as also that the waters of intention have become sufficiently 'muddied' so that the basic intention of 'doing as the Church does' is rendered impotent.

   "Orders received in El Palma de Troya post the declaration of Clemente Dominguez Gómez that he is 'Pope Gregory XVII' i.e. 5 August 1978. By auto naming himself pope, Gomez fell into heresy and ceased to be Christian. Any intention of 'doing as the Church does' is most doubtful."
F.J.L. Comment: I think that Mayne/Eifer goes too far in claiming that Gomez "ceased to be Christian" as a result of declaring himself to be pope of his entirely newly created Church — The Holy Palmarian Church. The probabilities are that he may be an schismatic and/or heretic.
2004, April 14 Dunn    "The Grand Counsellor" is now "H.E. Rev. Chevalier Raymond V. Dunn, S.J., J.D., O.S.J.
2004 Fouhy    "There are those who like Bishop Thomas Fouhy cast suspicion on all the ordinations deriving from Archbishop Lefebvre because of the high Freemasonic connections of Lienart who ordained Lefebvre"
   Kind of like "the pot calling the kettle black!" [F.J.L.]
2005 Deel    Michael Deel's website lasted from Aug. 23, 2003 to 12 Mar. 2005, before transferring to the "new" OSJ site.
2005, Feb. OSJ    New web-site for the OSJ
2005, Feb. Fouhy    First mention of Bishop Fouhy as an associate of the OSJ -
"Commandery of New Zealand - Cmdr. Bishop Fouhy, O.S.J.

   Wow! THAT "nursing home" has GOT to be a real swinger and hot-bed of recruits to the O.S.J.! - still, it "looks good" on the O.S.J.'s PRIORIES OF THE ORDER web-page and creates the illusion of expansion! It certainly makes the Grady O.S.J. group as being "vibrant."
2005, Aug - Sept. Xxxxxxxx    "Finally, I contacted Archbishop John Hepworth ...this time I would make the right choice of ecclesial community - opting for ...the Traditional Anglican Communion ... I was accepted under his direct jurisdiction, the validity of my ordination was accepted, and I later received a part of my documentation that establishes my credentials."
See front page for CIVITAS DEI and
About This Site
2005, Nov. Xxxxxxxx    "The following month, September, I went for internet dating ... one stood out from the others, that of a 39-year old never-married-woman living in France, a practising Catholic looking for a man with the Faith ... on 5th November, we were engaged ... and will be married this coming May [2006]."
   Thus Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx is now operating no longer as Bishop but as "The Reverend Father Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx" and without his "Knightly" O.S.J.. The irony is that, in all probability, he DID obtain valid ordination and consecration at the hands of the schismatic and excommunicated Duarte-Costa line bishop at the end of 2003. Let us pray for Fr. Xxxxxxxx's return to the Church - no matter by which path. [F.J.L.]
2005, Nov. 12-13 Wathen Psyche:   "...He basically believes that Baptism of Desire does not exist. Perhaps this is why Fr. Pfeiffer said he was not a good theologian..."

RELEE:   "...As for his books, neither of them are allowed in SSPX book stores. I well remember when the SSPX District Superior sent out a letter ordering those books to be removed. Many years back, Fr. Wathen was considered to be a friend of the SSPX and his Masses were listed in the Angelus calendar. Not so any more.
   "While Great Sacrilege is pretty good reading, the second book Who Shall Ascend is full of half truths. Fr. Wathen goes to great lengths to prove there is no such thing a baptism of blood and desire. In doing so, he uses quotes from the likes of Bishop George Hay, Fr. Michael Muller, and Orestes Bronson (all good and worthy Catholic writers) but Fr. Wathen only gives the part of their writings that suggests the no blood or desire beliefs. Many times the very next paragraph or the very next page will contain the explanations by Bishop Hay, Fr. Muller, or Mr. Bronson of the Catholic beliefs and teachings on these principles for these three men did indeed believe, teach, and wrote about these Catholic truths.
   "Perhaps this deceptive method of trying to prove a point is why Fr. Pfeiffer said he was not a good theologian.
   "At one time Fr. Wathen was very much involved with an organization that called itself the St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta. I believe he has since disavowed his association with that group but more information is to be found at this site:"

UGCC:   "...Several years ago, Fr. Wathen came here to Johnstown PA to help set up a Latin Mass community. The meeting was advertized in the local newspaper, but the ad did NOT mention the nature of the Latin Mass chapel being contemplated. The meeting was held at a local hotel. I attended and was very much involved in the discussion and debate.
   "Fr. Wathen used this organization that called itself the "St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta" as a claim to establishing a Latin Mass that did not necessitate an Indult as it was an independant order answering only to the Pope.
   "On the other hand, he specifically stated that ANYONE joining this chapel must confess the SIN of having attended the invalid and illicit Novus Ordo masses..."

shinjitsu:   "...I can confirm:
   "Fr. Wathen is no longer with the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta)
   "Fr. Wathen was certainly validly ordained a Catholic priest before the changes to the rite of Ordination (I forget the exact year)
   "Fr. Wathen's official status is officially "suspended" by the bishop of his diocese of incardination...."

Augustine:   "...BINGO! My experience exactly. I attended Order of St. John Masses in Indianapolis on a few occassions (when I didn't feel like making the 3 1/2 hour round trip to Cincinnati SSPX). Not being recognizable as a 'regular' I was always stopped at the door, asked who I was, and whether I had been to the New Mass. If I had, I should talk to Father before receiving Communion..."

2006 O.S.J.    "Papal Blessing by His Holiness John Paul II" on display on new site.
This type of "Papal Blessing" is available for auction or purchase at, for example, e-Bay or Papal Blessing
2006, Feb. ROME & the TAC
    "...At the moment, there are two documents in the final stages of preparation. The first is a 'Pastoral Plan', prepared by an eminent Roman Catholic layman, which performs the joint functions of 'verifying the TAC as a worthy interlocutor with the Roman Catholic Church' and of setting out the 'desired levels of recognition of the TAC by Rome both before and after full communion'"...

   "This document will be delivered to every bishop early in the new year, and will be debated by a full meeting of the College of Bishops, in the presence of clerical and lay representatives of each member church, hopefully in Rome in the first half of next year, but perhaps not until September. The document will then go to the synods of the member churches (even if they must have an extraordinary meeting).

   "If the document wins the approval of the whole Communion, it will be formally presented to the Holy See, and a more formal process will be established. (At the moment, it would be fair to say that wide ranging, multi-level, international contacts between the TAC and Rome have been proceeding for some years, and have intensified in the past year, with a resultant increase in publicity. It is also true to say that a much greater awareness of the TAC still needs to be created.)

   "The second document is a formal proposal from the TAC to the Holy See for the TAC to become an 'Anglican Rite Church "sui juris" in communion with the Holy See.'

   "The first draft of this document was submitted to the Council for Christian Unity, and its response, with input from other Roman Catholic and Uniate Catholic sources, shaped the present document. It is not proposed to submit this document until the Pastoral Plan is approved by the TAC. The College as a whole has not yet approved the present draft.

   "A further letter is sometimes mentioned. On becoming Primate, I wrote personally to the Council for Christian Unity resuming the conversations that had been conducted by Archbishop Falk. I made the basic claim, sometimes wrongly reported, that 'there are no doctrinal or moral matters of such significance that they would prevent unity between this Communion and the Holy See'..."
2006, April 15 Athanasius
    "Our Lady of Victory Chapel is located at 33 Oak Street in Guilford, Maine...
   "Only the traditional Latin Mass is said in the chapel. There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed--namely a dress code and communion rules. If you are new to the Latin Mass, please speak with the Chaplain, and/or pick up an introductory pamphlet at the chapel before receiving communion..."
2006, Apr. 25 Brown    Fr. Ronald Brown is currently listed in Traditio as serving at
Holy Rosary Chapel, 65 S. La Fox, S. Elgin, IL, and
Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, Logansport, IN.


Bitzer = Fr. Gavin Bitzer, O.S.J. - formerly SSPX.
Brindle = John Brindle, Web-master of Ecclesia Militans - now stagnating.
Brown = Fr. Ronald Brown - Thucite Ordinand, OSJ pastor.
Bxxxxxxxxx = Sir Richard Bxxxxxxxxx, O.S.J. - since resigned.
Brutscher = Sir B. Brutscher, OSJ.
Cox = Sir Rick Cox, O.S.J. - Hereditary Knight Commander of Justice
Deel = Michael Deel, O.S.J. - Former hopeful OSJ Seminarian, Web-master of and the new OSJ site.
Dunn = Chevalier Raymond V. Dunn, S.J., J.D., O.S.J. - The Grand Counsellor
Fouhy = Cmdr Bishop Fouhy, O.S.J., a.k.a. Thomas C. Fouhy, a.k.a. Thomas Maria Fouhy, age 98 as at 2006 - Commandry of New Zealand
Grady = Sir John L. Grady, MD, O.S.J. - The Grand Master
Nxxxx = Steve Nxxxx, O.S.J. - Web-master of now defunct True Catholicism web-site.
Pichel = Charles Pichel, Grand Chancellor of The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem - Knights of Malta" from the 1950's
von Peters = Dr. William G. von Peters, O.S.J.
Wathen = Fr. James F. Wathen, O.S.J.
Wilcox = Michael Wilcox - Web-master of Traditional Catholic Web Links - defunct.
Xxxxxxxx = Bishop Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, O.S.J. - former Chaplain
This footnote has been added on July 1, 2006 further to an e-mail request from the person concerned who advises, inter alia:
"I have renounced all exercise of the episcopate ... It has been a big embarassment in my life ... I disassociated myself from Dr Grady's 'Order of St. John' and the various other small organisations claiming to represent the Roman Catholic tradition. I was never prepared for what I found in these various traditionalist organisations ... I would be grateful if you would remove any reference to my person from your website. I ask you without any aggression, simply so that I may be left in peace. If the Church to which I belong one day unites with Rome, this will be the answer to our prayers, and I will follow my Archbishop."


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  11. The Proliferation of Russian and Other "Orders" of St, John by James J. Algrant, C.St.J - under construction.

  12. The Priory of St. John of the Sovereign Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta by James J. Algrant - under construction

E&OE-"Errors and Omissions Excepted". Please note that I am open to further information and correction on any matter of fact. F.J.L.

The catalyst for this file was
Response to a Complaint received March 21, 2006
From a Tennessee "father of eight traditionalists" - who I will call "Just Curious" (hereafter as "J.C.")

In two parts - the second part has been delayed in favor of compilation of this Chronology, but will be resumed in due course.

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