"In this century, from 1923 until 1975, the theologian Bernard Billets, has reported 232 separate apparitions of Our Lady in 32 countries. According to the new video, 'Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century', over 300 apparitions have been reported in this century. In 1995 the number has reached 700. Yet, as in Lourdes, most will prove to be an aping by demons, pious imaginations, or fraud. In Lourdes there were 50 other children who "saw the Virgin", but all were proved to be 'not from God' except one."
"Photographs of Mary Mother of God"
by Thomas Upshur, a New York freelance photographer
"Photographs of the Blessed Mother by Thomas Upshur"
"These photographs are not apparitions of the Blessed Mother.
They are photographs of a statue of Mary."
Just as a photographer DID produce the above illusions
So too can an illusionist - or "higher intelligence" produce the below images:
104Click here 105
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1: Alleged that "This picture was taken at Medjugorje by a priest who aimed his camera where the kids were looking, though he couldn't see anything there himself."
Protestant Medjugorje promoter, Wayne Weible made use of the "photo"
to promote one of his books on Medjugorje.
2. One of the alleged photos of The Blessed Virgin on the wall of the Seminole Finance Corp Bldg, Clearwater, USA, December 23, 1996.
3. An alleged appearance of The Mother of God at Cairo, Egypt.
4. Cloud spotting: See the Virgin Mary, holding a crucifix, several angels and a rosary?
[No? As for me, I can't see them, but I CAN see a dinosaur's head, and my wife says she can see a bear's head and a hippopotamus!]
Note: Those objects were actually traced in the clouds in an enlarged pic. by the Medjugorje USA operators.
But as of Mar. 28, 2001 this picture was deleted from the Medjugorje USA site.
For more imaginative pics (including an "Image of Christ in the clouds") Click here

Maria Valtorta's "Poem of the man-God" and Medjugorje

Maria Valtorta's "Poem of the man-God" and Medjugorje

Brickbats Received re: Maria Valtorta's "Poem of the man-God, and Medjugorje

Br. James SDB's Critique of "Poem of the man-God"

Maria Valtorta's portrayal of the "SENSUALITY" of Jesus

MEDJUGORJE - A Chronology Of Events

An Attempted Dialogue With A Medjugorie Adherent

Appeal Sent To The Australian Bishops' Conference re: Medjugorje "Seer's" 2003 Australian Visit

Amsterdam - "Our Lady of All Nations" - A Petition Organized by Mark Waterinckx

Petition Against the Ecclesiastical Recognition of the "Apparitions" and "Messages" to Ida Peerdeman in Amsterdam by Bishop Punt of the Netherlands

Documents and Resources

Catholic Pages' "Mystical Phenomena"

Mystical Phenomena: Church Documents, Multimedia, Websites, Articles; Medjugorje, Luisa Piccarreta's Divine Will Movement, Maria Valtorta's "Poem of the man-God", Garabandal, Bayside's Our Lady of the Roses, Vassula Ryden, and much more.
Catholic Doors Ministry's "Is It Catholic?"

Is It Catholic?
Foreword, Catholic Church Teachings, Regarding Private Revelations, Church Approved Apparitions.
1. Army of God
2. Father Stefano Gobbi
3. God The Father Of All Mankind
4. Gianna Talone-Sullivan
5. John Leary
6. Luisa Piccarreta
7. Medjugorje
8. Sadie Jaramillo
9. Sandra "Leah" Cummings
10. Vassula Ryden
11. Veronica Lueken
Answers About Medjugorje Documents On The Case

Documents from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; Answers to Journalists; Episcopal Statements, Directives, Interviews, and Letters.

From Bishops Pavao Zanic and Ratko Peric, diocesan Chancellor, Cardinal Kuharic, Marija Pavlovic, Holy See Congregation and Press Office.
Unity Publications on "Apparitions, True and False"

Bayside, New York
Brother Gino
Caritas of Birmingham, Alabama
Gallagher of Ireland
Fr. Gobbi - Marian Movement of Priests
Fr. Nicholas Gruner - The Fatima Crusader
Guadeloupe of Guatemala
Marvin Kucera
Maria Valtorta's "Poem of the Man God"
Portavoz of Mexico
San Domiano
The Divine Will
The Lady of All Nations
The Little Pebble of Australia
The White Army
Theresa Lopez
Vassula Ryden
and, much more...

Apparition Discernment
Apparitions at Banneux, The
    Words Spoken by Mary at Banneux
Apparitions at Beauraing, The
    Words Spoken by Mary at Beauraing
Apparitions at Fatima, The
    Words Spoken by Mary at Fatima
Apparitions at Guardalupe, The
    Words Spoken by Mary at Guadalupe
    Blessed Juan Diego, by John M. Samaha
Apparitions at Knock, The
    Lessons From Our Lady of Knock, by Paul E. Duggan
Apparitions at La Salette, The
    Words Spoken by Mary at La Salette
Apparitions at Lourdes, The
    Words Spoken by Mary at Lourdes
Apparitions at Pontmain, The
Apparitions at Rue du Bac, The
    Words Spoken by Mary at Rue du Bac
Approved Apparitions
Biblical Prophesy and Apparitions
Characteristics of Approved Apparitions
Church Approval of Apparitions
False "biblical" Writings
False Visions Which Followed Lourdes
False Visions Which Followed Knock
False Visions Which Followed Beauraing
Fr. Poulain's Five Causes of False Revelations
Marian Apparitions - Some Lessons From History
Nine Major Approved Apparitions
Spiritual Masters on Visions and Apparitions
Spiritual Movement in Church History
St Louis de Montfort's Teaching on Genuine Marian Devotion
St Vincent Ferrer: Treatise on the Spiritual Life
True and False Apparitions
Unapproved Apparitions

A Look at some Illusions and alleged "Apparitions," "Visions," and "Seers"
On the Rational of Promoters of Unapproved or False Mystical Phenomena"Secret of La Salette" Writings Placed on the Index of Forbidden Books - the 1915 to 1925 Decrees
"Rome Will Lose The Faith And Become The Seat Of Antichrist" - they say!!!Two "Translations" of the 1904 "Secret of La Salette"
Dialogue With An "Academic Ecclesiastic" On The Alleged Statement by The Virgin Mary that "Rome Will Lose The Faith And Become The Seat Of Antichrist"The Missionaries of La Salette Account of the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette
Traditional Teaching on ApparitionsSolange Hertz Doesn't "aimez" Anne Catherine Emmerick
Can the Index of Forbidden Books be Ignored?Dialogue with an SSPX Adherent on the "Secret of La Salette"
Convincing Evidence on MedjugorjeProphets and Losses
More Evidence on MedjugorjeWho IS Miguel de Portugal of "The M+G+R Foundation"
Convincing Evidence on GarabandalRonald L. Conte and "Catholic Planet"
Discernment of Spirits, by Fr. William G. MostTed Flynn, "MaxKol" and "Signs of the Times"
Catholic Church Teachings Regarding Private Revelations - Catholic DoorsThe Urban Myth - Pope Urban VIII, that is!
The True Status of Anna Katharina EmmerickVademecum Retracts Under Pressure on Dupont Forgery
The 1948 INDEX LIBRORVM PROHIBITORVM - Search for Salette and Combe

2 entries [same publication] for 1923 on "L'Apparition de la Tres Sainte Vierge de la Salette - click on red text for further info.

Entry on Dr. Henri Mariavi - click on red text for further info.
"The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich" Pages Yves Dupont Used For His Dishonestly Manipulated "Quote"

Comments on Solange Hertz's "The Secret of La Salette"Who is Anne Catherine Emmerich? - by Sandra Miesel
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