Some Clerics Believed To Have Reconciled/Reverted or to have "Re-appraised" former Positions
Ahern, Rev. Daniel - ex SSPX; Independent; sedevacantist
Allen, Rev. Peter - ex SSPX; present status unknown.
Allen, Rev. William Scott - ex SSPX; quit c. 1994; FSSP?
Aulagnier, Rev. Paul - ex SSPX; former District Superior, France; last of the first group of 13 priests ordained by Lefebvre in 1978; dismissed for wanting reconciliation with Rome; he is now Reconciled.
Bachmann, Rev. Franz - ex SSPX in Australia; Swiss; Ret. to Switzerland, reconciled with Rome, Diocesan Duties
Barthe, Rev. Claude - ex SSPX; Reconciled with Rome. Advised May 4, 2011 & thanks to E.F.
Baumann, Rev. Gabriel - ex Swiss SSPX; to FSSP.
Berger, Abbe Emmanuel – ex SSPX La Barroux in 1994. Reconciled with Rome.
Berry, Rev. Eugene - One of the "nine" ex SSPX, Independent (OLV RC Chapel, Aurora, CO.); sedevacantist
Bisig, Rev. Josef - ex SSPX, now FSSP - Diocese
Bitzer, Rev. Gavan – ex SSPX [ordained to the sub-diaconate 1983, now Independent, Order of St John [OSJ], Louisville & Union, KY.
Bolduc, Rev. Hector - ex SSPX; Independent, Gilford, NH; Ordained June 1974, Fr Bolduc was subject to the suspension a divinis of May 1975 (which was never revoked!), some say expelled from the SSPX, (one of the “nine”) c. 1983/4 for, inter alia, not praying for the pope in the Mass, (another account from Louis Tofari, July 12, 2012, says he left the SSPX "for personal reasons in 1983" and is currently described by his local bishop as being “suspended” and “not authorized to exercise any priestly ministry.” Cf. There is, and never has been any "good" reason for being in a state of schism!
Broadbery , Bishop Ciaran Bernardo - ex Thucite ordinand; "He was reconciled reconciled with the Vatican in 1983"; former sedevacantist
Buckley, Rev. Brian - ex Australian SSPX associate from the mid-1970's; reconciled with his bishop, the Bishop of Townsville, Qld., and died in full communion with the Church.
Buckley, Rev. James - ex SSPX Associate; sedevacantist
Calvet OSB, Rev. Gerard - ex SSPX associate; Reconciled with Rome 1988.
Campbell, Rev. Gary - ex SSPX in Australia; First Aussie Seminary priest. Left c. April 1999. States "SSPX are schismatic." Reconciled with Rome; Lay status.
Cantonio, Rev. Pierro - ex Italian SSPX; Reconciled with Rome.
Carr, Rev. Paul - ex SSPX, now FSSP - Diocese
Cekada, Rev. Anthony - One of the "nine" ex SSPX; Independent West Chester, OH; sedevacantist;
Chadwick, Bishop Anthony - Has renounced his episcopal status and operated as a simple priest for an "Traditional Anglican Community" which is pursuing re-union with Rome.
Coiffet, Rev. Denis - ex SSPX, now FSSP - Diocese
Coll, Bishop Francis Gabriel - ex Thuc ordinand; " reconciled, as a layman, with the Vatican in June 1978"; former sedevacantist
Collins, Rev. Joseph - One of the "nine" ex SSPX; SSPV sedevacantist.
Corr, Bishop Richard Sixto - ex Thucite ordinand; "In 1982 he was reconciled, as a layman"; former sedevacantist
Daly, Bishop William Rufino - ex Thuc ordinand; "Shortly before his death [in 1982], he was reconciled with the Roman Catholic Church"; former sedevacantist
de Blignieres, Louis-Marie - ex SSPX - reconciled; now Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer
Delaplace, Rev. Peirre - ex SSPX - alleged "left for a married woman".
de Tanoüarn, Rev. Guillaume - ex SSPX - associated with Fr. Aulagnier; now Reconciled with Rome
des Lauriers O.P., Bishop Michel Guérard (1898–1988), – Principal author of the so–called "Ottavianni Intervention". Died, reconciled with the Catholic Church; former sedevacantist but according to Wiki (see "never was reconciled with Rome. Advised May 4, 2011 & thanks to E.F.
Devillers, Rev. Arnaud - ex SSPX, now FSSP - Diocese 1988.
Diamond, Rev. Bernard - First Canadian SSPX priest - defected 1979; Independent.
Dolan, Rev. Daniel L. - One of the "nine" ex SSPX; Independent bishop West Chester, OH; Thuc line (Pivarunas); sedevacantist;
Dolan, Rev. James - ex SSPX priest; Independent, Redding CA.
Egregyi, Rev. François- ex SSPX in Australia; Belgian? Independent and now very sedevacantist.
Emerson, Rev. John Francis - ex SSPX, now FSSP - Diocese
Ensey, Rev. Eric – ex SSPX; ex SSJ; "accused of repeatedly molesting a young man from a Catholic school near the Society in Shohola, Penn"
Finnegan, Rev. Terence - ex SSPX; Independent, Phoenix AZ.sedevacantist
Foley, Rev. Gregory - ex SSPX; Independent, San Jose, CA.
Forestier, Rev. Henri - ex SSPX - now Reconciled.
Fulham, Rev. Terence R. - former Anglican, baptized by Archbishop Lefebvre; ex SSPX (minor orders); ordained by sede CMRI's Bp Mark Pivarunas; Fulham is now Independent Bishop; with Rev. Dan Ahern, Florida; sedevacantist - but renounced sedevacantism in 1998.
Fullerton, Rev. Daniel - ex SSPX; - ex SSJ; now FSSP
Goesche, Rev. - ex Diocese, ex SSPX associate; present status unknown.
Gonzales, Rev. Albert - ex SSPX; present status unknown.
Gonzales, Rev. David - ex SSPX OSB associate at Le Barroux; present status unknown.
Gonzales, Rev. Richard - ex SSPX; present status unknown.
Guelfucci,Rev. Marc - ex SSPX - associated with Fr. Aulagnier
Guépin, Rev. - ex SSPX; sedevacantist
Héry, Rev. Lionel - ex SSPX; now Reconciled with Rome.
Hogan, Rev. Gerard - ex SSPX; 1st Australian SSPX priest; second-last of the first group of 13 priests ordained by Lefebvre in 1978; First District Superior of Australia; After Rev. Laisney appointed to the position in Australia, Rev. Hogan was posted as curate to Hampton under Rev. Welsh. Accuses Rev. Welsh of incest. Slap on wrist/kid-glove treatment for both. Transferred to England. Too cold - refuses. Confers with Oyster Bayites. Eventually Resigns from SSPX 1994. After period, returns to SSPX, accepts transfer to England then Ireland, then back to sunny Queensland, where it is beautiful one day and gorgeous the next. Appointed Prior at Hampton; again left the SSPX in 2003, after celebrating his 25th Anniversary, for the USA.
Jenkins, Rev. William W. - One of the "nine" ex SSPX; SSPV; Norwood, OH.; sedevacantist
Kelly, Rev. Clarence James - One of the "nine" ex SSPX; SSPV bishop; Bp Alfred Mendes line; Oyster Bay Cove, NY; sedevacantist
Krohn, Abbe Juan Fernandez – ex SSPX one of the first group of 13 priests ordained by Lefebvre in 1978; left SSPX less than a year later in 1979. Attempted assassination by stabbing of Pope John Paul II in May 1982. Lefebvre is quoted: "Juan Fernandez Krohn was a man of violent nature, which the Society of St Pius X found insupportable"; nevertheless, Lefebvre ordained him! sedevacantist.
Lafitte, Fr Jean-Luc – left SSPX following allegations re married woman. He did return to the SSPX.
Laguérie, Rev. Philippe - ex SSPX - expelled; now Reconciled with Rome.
le Roux, Abbe Daniel - ex SSPX seminarian - Author of "Peter Lovest Thou Me?"
Lefebvre, Archbishop Marcel – SSPX Founder; excommunicated by name 1988 Had regular conflicting mind vaccilations! see file The Anything BUT Consistent Mind Of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre!
Ledermann, Rev. Jean-Marie - ex SSPX - Reconciled
McMahon, Rev. Denis - ex SSPX; Independent W. Roxbury MA.
Marks, Rev. Terry - SSPX; Died Jan. 30, 2003 per Louis Tofari Jul. 13, 2012.
Maurel, Rev. George - ex SSPX; reconciled with the Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia.
Mayne, Bishop Geoffrey Francis a.k.a. Eifer, Estanislao Luc, a.k.a. Lucifer Legionnaire - ex Thuc ordinand; "He left the Palmarian movement in 1990 and was reconciled with the Roman Catholic Church" in June 1978"; however, he has re-commenced ministry without authority; former sedevacantist
Morello, Rev. Andres - ex SSPX; former Rector Argentina; expelled 16 July 1989.
Mroczka, Rev. Thomas - ex SSPX; present status unknown.
Mullan, Rev. Alan - ex Australian SSPX; left c. 2003; now married.
Munari, Rev. Franco – ex SSPX; Italian; "one of 4 Italian priests who left the Society at the end of 1985"; consecrated a Thucite Bishop; believed to have reconciled; former sedevacantist;.
Murro, Rev. Giuseppe - ex SSPX - now Mater Boni Consilii Institute sedeprivationist
Navas Ortiz, Padre Rafael – ex SSPX – quit over SSPX anullments; Independent.
Neville, Rev. Robert - ex SSPX (to SSPV?) Now with Bishop Donald Sanborn Fraser, MI; sedevacantist
Ngô-Dhinh Thuc, Archbishop Pierre-Martin, (1897-1984) - Died, reconciled with the Catholic Church; former sedevacantist
Nitoglia, Rev. Curzio – ex SSPX, ex Mater Boni Consilii Institute, ex sedeprivationist, return to SSPX, in Rome. sedeprivationist Advised May 4, 2011 & thanks to E.F.
Oppenheimer, Rev. Daniel - ex SSPX; - now FSSP
Peek, Rev. Frank - ex SSPX; New Zealander. "Social" problem in Zimbambwe, Africa.
Perez, Rev. Patrickex Diocesan; Independent, Garden Grove, CA.
Prier, Deacon Claude - ex SSPX Deacon; now Reconciled with Rome.
Rangel, Most Rev. Licinio – ex SSPX associated, Priestly Union of Saint John Mary Vianney; Consecrated by SSPX bishops; Reconciled with Rome Jan. 18, 2002, together with 26 Campos priests and some 28,000 laymen.
Ranger, Rev. Walter - ex SSPX; Left c. 1990, now in South Africa.
Reinecke, Rev. Martin - ex SSPX; reconciled with Austrian diocese.
Ricossa, Rev. Francesco - ex SSPX; Mater Boni Consilii Institute in 1985
Richter, Rev. Guenther – ex SSPX; German in USA - died Oct. 19, 2008 per advice source wishing to remain anonymous. R.I.P.
Revaz, Canon (later Bishop) Maurice –Hermenegildo – ex SSPX associate at Econe; Thucite bishop; reconciled by Pope John Paul II in 1983; laicized. former sedevacantist
Rifan, Most Rev. Fernando Arêas – ex SSPX associated Priestly Union of Saint John Mary Vianney; Reconciled with Rome Jan. 18, 2002, together with 26 Campos priests and some 28,000 laymen; now Bishop
Rizzo, Rev. John - ex SSPX; now FSSP.
Roberts, Rev. Marshall - ex SSPX, to Society of St John; morals allegations made.
Roscoe, Rev. Keith - ex SSPX; present status unknown.
Samson, Rev. Edmond - ex SSPX ; sedevacantist Believed reconciled 1979 in Canada.
Sanborn, Fr Donald J.One of the "nine" ex SSPX, ex SSPV; assoc. with CMRI; Now Bishop and Rector of Most Hily Trinity Seminary, Florida. Advised May 4, 2011 & thanks to E.F. ; sedevacantist.
Sarweh, Rev. Basil- ex SSPX Winona seminarian; left SSPX 1997 to join SSJ.
Schaeffer, Rev. Bruno – ex Thucite Ordinand at Toulouse, now of the SSPX French District; former Thucite sedevacantist
Sebastian, Bishop Thom Joseph-Francis PatrickSociety of Christ the King – has renounced sedevacantism and desires reconciliation with Rome former sedevacantist.
Seiwert-Fleige, Bishop Alfred – ex Thucite Bishop; reconciled by Pope John Paul II in 2001; former sedevacantist
Skierka, Rev. Martin P. - One of the "nine" ex SSPX; SSPV, Black Eagle, MT sedevacantist.
Smith, Rev. Lawrence C.ex Diocesan; Independent, Garden Grove CA.
Soliman, Rev. Joven - Ordained 2000; Quit in 2009 for sedevacantism.
Stretenovich, Rev. Paulex Diocesan; Independent, Garden Grove CA.
Thuillier, Rev. Pascal - ex SSPX; reconciled.
Transalpine Redemptorists - Very Rev. Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R., advises reconciliation in 2008, and erected as a clerical institute of diocesan right on Aug. 15, 2012. Officially: Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer. Papa Stronsay, Scotland.
Thuillier, Rev. Pascal - ex SSPX; reconciled.
Trinh, Rev. Anton Thai - ex Diocesan, ex SSPX - left 2011; Independent, with Fr Ronald Ringrose Per advice Jun 25, 2012 M Marie Bernadette Trinh
Trytek, Rev. Raphael - ex SSPX - ordained June 2005; on Feb. 2, 2006 declared himself to be sedevacantist.
Urrutigoity, Rev. Carlos – accused of homosexual activity in SSPX Argentinian seminary; transferred to Winona seminary where is he is also accused, but ordained by Lefebvre; - ex SSPX; SSJ; now ?
Van der Putten, Rev. Angelo - ex SSPX; Reconciled; now FSSP.
Van der Putten, Rev. Benedict – ex SSPX; Expelled c. Aug. 2001; Reconciled with Rome and dismissed from the clerical state.
Vogt, Rev. - ex SSPX; Independent.
Welsh, Rev. William - ex Schuckardite; ex SSPX in Australia; American; Accused of incest by Fr Gerard Hogan; Innocent per Rev. Schmidberger, but guilty of imprudence. Transferred to Argentina; badly treated, he says, by Laisney buddy in Argentina; fled to U.S.A.; again badly treated, he says; quit SSPX; became an "Independent" with Fr Schneider.
Zapp, Rev. Thomas P. - One of the "nine" ex SSPX; SSPV; Independent Modesto, CA sedevacantist.
Zewell, Bishop Manfred Damaso - ex Thuc ordinand; " reconciled in 1980 "with the Vatican"; former sedevacantist
26 Campos priests – ex compatriots of the SSPX; Reconciled with Rome

Some Lay Reverts or "re-appraisers"
Aledo, Mrs Roniel – ex USA SSPX, wife of Caprain Roniel Aledo, US Army, Ret.
Bawden, Michael ex SSPX; now "Pope Michael I" residing in Hansas, USA.;
Bordignon, Tony & Marion – ex New Zealand SSPX
Campbell, Kevin – ex U.S.A. SSPX
Cummings, Janice 1st USA nun for the U.S.A. SSPX Dominicans
de Nie, Mac – ex Dutch SSPX & ex sedevacantist
Downie, Mark – ex U.S.A. SSPX
Falco, Peter – ex U.S.A. SSPX
Foley, Michael – ex National President The Latin Mass Society of Australia and Australian SSPX.
Frater, Jamie – ex New Zealand SSPX seminarian & Feeneyite
Gomulski, Mary Anne - ex U.S.A. Schuckardite & CMRI
Gough, Phil - ex U.S.A. SSPX
Grossklas, Bill - ex U.S.A. SSPX; website: SSPX AGENDA
Hand, Stephen - ex U.S.A. SSPX, "Remnant" writer. Now operates TCRNews
Hess, Robert ex U.S.A. sedevacantist editor of "St Francis Newsletter"
Loughnan, F. John & Norma - ex Australian SSPX; website: Sean Ó Lachtnáin's Home Page
McElhinney, I. Shawn - ex U.S.A. SSPX; now operates Rerum Novarum Blog and Lidless Eye Inquisition Blog
Nosco, Stephen - ex U.S.A. O.S.J., and ex Feeneyite
Xxxxxx, Tony & Cxxxxx – ex Australian SSPX seminarian and ex "Little Pebble" adherent. Names altered by request 14 March 2010.
Pivarunas, Debbie – ex U.S.A. CMRI & ex sedevacantist; sister-in-law of CMRI's Bp. Mark Pivarunas
Reid, Stuart - ex SSPX, England, c. 5 years, Reverted. Columnist with "Catholic Herald."
Riihl, Jim – ex U.S.A. SSPX & ex sedevacantist
Rust, Dick & Debbie – ex U.S.A. Schuckardites/CMRI & ex sedevacantist
Vere, J.C.L., Pete - ex Canadian SSPX; website: Canon Lawyers Obstructing Gremlins - C.L.O.G.!
Wilson, Gerard - ex Australian SSPX; now editor Judica Me, Deus
Woods Jnr, Dr Thomas – ex U.S.A. "The Great Facade" contributor
28,000 laypeople from Campos – former Brazilian adherents to the [now reconciled and R.I.P.] SSPX consecrated Bishop Rifan

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