Litany of Offensive "Lefebvrisms"

Recently I replied to an apologist for the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) who complained in a post to the Liturgy and Sacraments section [Scroll to Message #46 ] of Karl Keating's Catholic Answers Forum:

You are very very angry at SSPX, why is that may I ask? And your protection of Jews is admirable, but I think that they have about 1,000 Jewish organizations and shark Lawyers scouring the websites looking for something they can insinuate is anti-semitic so they can launch one big lawsuit."
Angry? I am, simply, doing penance for my sins. Schism IS a most serious sin. To see so many good persons become involved in serious sin which, possibly, involves the loss of souls, for the lack of solid information - that is a tragedy compounded. As for the Jews? Because of other events - ought I not attempt to lessen anti-semetism? After all, Jesus, Mary and most of the Apostles were Jews (or Judeans), weren't they? Ought I to tolerate attacks on THEM because some of the descendents of "the Jews" today do naughty things?
Well, let's see who are the "very very angry" ones:

But first:

Extracts from an Interview with Michael Davies




Hilary La Praz
re: The Flat Earth Society and SSPX Type "TRADITIONALISTS"

"Bull shit and wild honey!!!"

In another place, on March 10, 2000, the same Hilary uttered the following imprecation against Sean ” LachtnŠin:
"WE ARE THE ROMAN CATHOLICS PRESERVING THE TRUE FAITH FOR THE NOW AND FOR THE TOMORROW UNDER THE GREAT ORDER OF THE CATHOLIC SSPX...true, Sean, you may be Catholic but are you a good Catholic?....I know I am...and may the curse of Mary Malone and her nine blind illegitimate children chase you so far over the hills of damnation that the Lord himself can't find you with a telescope!!"
The following on March 10, 2000 from the lovely lady: "Since its almost St Patrick's day a little Irish ditty to Sean...... HERE'S TO WINE, MEN AND SONG. HERE'S TO WORKDAYS, THAT AREN'T TOO LONG. HERE'S TO SHOES THAT ALWAYS FIT... AND HERE'S TO SEAN, THE SILLY SH**T!!!"
"Tradcat" - another SSPXer:
On the same web-file:

"You are a crackpot and need true mental care. Go check yourself into the local happy farm."
Jason Baran: SSPXer and anti-semite
Refer: brickbats and Bouques

"Subject: Novus Ordo Heretics Will Burn in Hell
"Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 00:14:54 -0700 (PDT)

"All followers of Antipope John-Paul II, and those who attend the satanic Novus Ordo 'Mass' will not escape the fires of Hell. The schismatic Novus Ordo sect, lead by antipope John-Paul II is not the Roman Catholic Church, but the whore of Babylon!

"Homo deterrime! Sublesta fide. Corruptor iuventutis!

"I've read the slanderous lies you've told about me on your satanic website. br. Michael Dimond has nothing to do with my refusal to practice the counterfeit religion that was concocted at Vatican II. I obey Tradition and infallible Papal Bulls like Quo Primum Tempore that states that ANYONE who would ever attempt to make a 'New Mass' would incur the wrath of Almighty God and the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul. I also notice that like a good Communist, you think we should marry off our daughters to Negroes and bow down to Christ-killing Jews. If you do not renounce your heresy, I pray God that I live to see the day when the likes of you will be put to death as a heretic according to due process of law."

Rev. Dr. "X" a New York Archdiocesan priest:
Refer: brickbats on "An Open Letter to Confused 'traditionalists'"

Sat, 1 Apr 2000
"Thank you for your 'open letter' to 'confused traditionalists.' Your writing illustrates an already established observation, namely that liberals like yourself, are very good at Naziism."

"If you bother to subject the writings, and speeches and practices of JP2 to the same nazi style analysis as you applied to Archbishop Lefebvre, you could conceivably discover an anti Christ. The one consoling fact that keeps me on the right side of the de facto schism is that there is simply NO ONE to take the place of the Nazi liberal pigs, like yourself who have destroyed our Churches, perverted our Catholic Faith, poisened our children with the vilest of heresies, and removed the Holy Sacrament from our midst. You have no one to take your place, and your filthy deeds will die with you."

[I add: The good priest DID apologise for his remarks. F.J.L.]
Rick Cox - Officer of "The Sovereign Military Order of St John of Jerusalem - OSJ"
On: brickbats from an OSJite Official

"I read what you posted about John brindle.

"I don't know him, but (based on what I get from you) I like him.

"Attached is a photo of the current pope. I can tell that you are a great admirer of this man so I am sure that you will like the photo of him kissing the Koran. After all, what can a grand apostate like JPII find to argue against a grand heretic like Mohammed?

"I do not claim that John Paul II is not the pope. I claim that he is an apostate, a heretic, a bad pope, and a bad man.

"However, I do believe in and practice the religion of the popes -- all of the popes up to John XXIII. As far as I know, they all TAUGHT the religion of Jesus of Nazareth. That is not to say that they all made a good practice of it, but (at least) they TAUGHT it.

"Furthermore, they did not replace the Holy Mass with a damnable sacrilegious insult to Our Lord and pretend that it is a real Mass.

"This New Conciliar Religion is not Catholicism. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that. If YOU had a Catholic education in your youth, YOU know it."

Prakash Mascarenhas - an Orthopapist (a "sort of" sede-vacantist):
"... There is however, a big difference between INCULTURATION, and SPIRITUAL FORNICATION. This latter is what Sri Abominationeshwara Karol Wojtyla does, thus meriting for himself the title of the Chief Disciple and Preceptor of the 'Saints Oolla and Ooliba' (Eze. 23) and of their father Balaam (Num.31: 16). And not the least, the LYING POLE!

"...Ought you not to take a break, and rehabilitate your intelligence? (Only an idiot will argue that a man can be called antipope only in opposition to another claimant. If a man's claim to a position is false, he is a pretender, whether or not there is a true claimant.)

"...Loughnan, it seems, is either an outright lunatic, or is desperately trying to get there. It pains me to say so. But consider the extraordinary charges he lays against me for the use of the name Balaam to describe the antipopes Roncalli through Wojtyla.

Patrick Johnson
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002

"I just have to reply to some of the articles you have written in recent times with regard to the Society of Saint Pius X. I must say 'Sir' that you are an idiot who has deprived some poor village somewhere in the world of a village idiot. Amazing isn't it that a man ejeculates millions of sperm in a sexual act yet somehow you snuck in there, and here we are with the greatest moron of all times. You 'sir' obviously have more time on your hands than sense, and in attempting to profile someone of your ilk, I would guess that you are narcissistic, self opinionated, fat, inert, inept, incompetent, impotent, uneducated and I bet the Australian Tax Payer supports you. One Hundred and thirty six pages..hmmmm No wonder Ratzinger had his minion Perl reply.

"I might be a convert to the Catholic Church, and one does not need to be a Rhodes Scholar to notice what is actually going on. You shite head are no Henry VIII, no. you can never be known as Defender of the Faith...Dickhead of the Faith more likely.

"I am just glad that there are probably not many like you in this world.....afterall we know God is Merciful and the chances of your clone or others like you are mercifully few and far between. It is people such as you who reinforce the Therory of Evolution, and support the argument for abortion.

"Yours in contempt"

Thomas Sparks a.k.a. "tommythe lesser"
Date: Tue. 13 Aug 2002

"Louton, you must be a queer to bitch so much. Admit it, you are a sad old queer with nothing better to do."

[ I must add here that Thomas Sparks, of who I had much to say in "The Jews" - judging by his re-vamped website at Roman Catholicism Org. - has has a remarkable reversion to the Church. Glory and thanks be to God! F.J.L.]

David Ycavall
Date: Sat. 9 Aug. 2003

"("F" word deleted) asshole!!!"

I became aware of a file on Prakash Mascarenhas' website:

Pursuant to several exchanges between myself, "Sean O L" and "Fr. Ambrose" (a Russian Orthodox priest located in New Zealand) on the "Catholic Community Forum" (Refer: ) where, as a matter of "old-fashioned" courtesy (At the time I was 70 years of age) I had respectfully commenced my posts with "Dear Fr. Ambrose" and he had replied: "Dear Sean", Mr Mascarenhas falsely, maliciously and libelously defamed both myself and Fr. Ambrose in the following manner:

He wrote:

"The reader is requested to read the above exchange – this love-feast between 'Sean O L' and 'Dear Fr. Ambrose' – carefully before proceeding, since what I have written hereafter, although harsh, is in context of this 'loving inter-exchange.

"I hope also, that the reader will have noted this strange, abnormal spectacle: this 'love-feast' between two viscious anti-Catholics, their coy courtship of each other, with dainty, mincing steps"

"[ ]

"Such men are 'Matt1916', Karl Keating, Robert Fox, brian Harrison, David Armstrong, etc. Simulators of Catholicism, simulating Catholics! And then there are the 'Three Muskereers' of Infernum, self-appointed apologists of Satan: John Loughnan, William Grossklas and james Akin. Loughnan is the subject of this article."

Then he proceeds to expose the home addresses and other details of myself and William Grossklas. He continues:

"This is the Internet Confraternity of the Itching Ears – League of Modernist Mountebanks, over which Sean ” LachtnŠin presides, with the able and valuable assistance of Grossy William and the effeminate James Akin as Common Catamite!"

"[ ]

"The entire exchange between Loughnan and his darling friend, the heretic and schismatic 'Dear Fr. Ambrose' evokes a sodomitical relationship between two queers in love with each other, and engaging in a public 'love-fest', sodomising each other!

"Dear ” Lactating falls all over himself in order to placate his darling butch 'Fr. Ambrose'! "

"[ ]

"Let me point out to the reader the implications of this 'love-feast' between these sodomites:"

"[ ]

"Likewise our sodomitical friend pontificates"

"[ ]

"And, what is more, unlike the homosexual Sean ” Lactating and his darling butch 'Fr. Ambrose'  our darling sodomite pretends "

"[ ]

"Yipee! Three hurrahs for queenie Loughnan!"

"[ ]

There is no foundation whatsoever in the claims of Mr Prakash Mascarenhas for me to my being anything other than a normal heterosexual male - happily and faithfully married since September 24, 1960 to my wife, Norma. We have three childres, born in 1965, 1966 and 1967. In fact, I state unequivocally, that I have never been, nor had any inclination towards anything other than heteroxexuality.

Mr Mascarenhas continued,


1. "Loughnan's darling heresiarch and arch-Satanist, Wojytla, it is true, is extremely, frantically, running around, apologizing to one and all for the Offense that Christ. His claims and His Cross, represents, even as he frantically runs about offending Christ, sinning against the First Commandment   It is a toss-up which of these is the greater evil the greater abomination!

"This monster (Wojtyla), the Mahatma Abominationishwara, is also the Patron of Sexual deviancies, of the sexual abuse perpetrated by his 'clerics', and which he himself religiously practices: 

"If being a fornicator constitutes his 'Supreme qualification' to be Pope, then, in truth, Larry Flynt is far better qualified!"

2. "These men were William Grossklas, F. John Loughnan and James Akin. The principle issue which I had taken up with them was the reception, by their Heresiarch Wojtyla – the Mahatma Abominationishwara,  

" they are agents of Roman Modernism, an apostate sect, and are motivated by a passionate hatred for Christ and His Church, and by a hysteric fear that souls may escape from the Maws of their foul sect, from the Program of Damnation – the New Penticost, the New Springtime, the New Age, the New Order, the Age of Aquarius – inaugurated by their Heresiarch Roncalli and presently administered by their Heresiarch Wojtyla – the 'Lying Pole!' "
(Refer: )

"[ ]

3. "However, even so, I need to state that I along with very many persons, have refused to abandon the Catholic Faith following its Protestatantization in 1958-1965 under Roncalli ('John XXIII'), Montini ('Paul VI'), Luciani ('John-Paul I'), and Karol Wojtyla ('John-Paul II'), whom, under the principles of Pope Paul IV's Bull, Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio we entirely and absolutely refuse to recognize, both as 'popes' and all their pretended acts, teachings, etc."

"I admit Pope Michael ("

(Refer URL: )

In other words, while claiming to be a Catholic, he believes, contrary to c. 99.9% of Catholics who are in union with the Holy See in Rome, that the visible occupants of the papal See in Rome are not Popes at all, but, that an obscure man in Wyoming, Pope Michael, a.k.s. David Bawden is the true pope.
(Refer: )

He goes on to say in another place:

"Further to this, I had even investigated the various persons who had claimed to be the Pope. After a process of elimination, I had been left with just three: Michael I, Linus II and Pius XIII. Originally, I had rejected each of these three as being defective and thus not having achieved the papacy. However, subsequently, I did a reinvestigation, and found that the Claim of Pope Michael I is true and valid."
(Refer: )

4. " I write regarding a page written by William Grossklas – one of that pack of three rabid and self-constituted guard-dogs – Alpha Loughnan, Beta Grossklass and the joker-pup Akin – of the apostate Modernist sect, the Antichurch 

"  P.S.: See more on these three dogs  "
(Refer URL: )

5. Referring to Fr. brian Harrison, whom he calls "Mr Harrison" as "surpassing such persons as Dave Armstrong, William Most, Keating, 'Matt1618' and the Akin, Loughnan and Grossklas" as "emerged as the greatest ideological justificatory for Antichurch and Antipope "

In other words, he describes the Catholic Church and its adherents who are in communion with the Pope in Rome as being members of an "Apostate sect" under an "antipope" (John Paul II) – as opposed to himself who adhered to Pope Michael/David Bawden.
(Refer URL: )

6. Describes "Apologists for the AntiChurch

"John Loughnan | William Grossklas | James Atkin | John Mark Ockerbloom – Now Inactive? | David Armstrong | Alfred Morselli "
(Refer URL: )

7. "Here is the relevant extract from the Talmud, as found in the writings of the notorious anti-catholic Neo-Con, F. John Loughnan: "
(Refer URL: )

8. "Now I have found the pages of the Abbe de nantes on La salette, and also those of the notorious anti-Catholic, John Loughnan, in which he (John Loughnan) exposes this message as a fraud."
(Refer URL: )

9. "Thirdly, this is become a Scandal, with apologists of the New Church accusing us of being in cahoots with the Feeneyites such as the Diamonds. I learnt only from one such New Church apologist, John Loughnan, that the Dimonds are Feeneyites, although I now have personal confirmation from Peter Dimond."
(Refer URL: )


1. "[ ]

"We have Jews, through their dupes, waging savage, horrendous war with no real provocation whatsoever. We have a systematically organized effort to subvert and seduce members of a particular religion and also states. All this by a specific sect: the Jews 

"  In sum then, we have seen and found that the Jews are obsessively Christophobic, and that towards this end, for the last so many centuries, they have secretly conspired and instigated rebellions, revolutions and bloody persecutions after bloody persecutions against Christianity and Christians.

" we have been besieged by their paymasters, guides, zelators and organizers: the Jews 

"We see that the Jews are our inveterate enemies "
(Refer URL: )

All that I can say is: please pray for the deliverance of these poor souls from their torment. The above represent just a few examples of the "objectionable" attitudes of the SSPX members and adherents to the SSPX. Of course, other so-called "traditionalists" are even more objectionable in many instances.


In response to statements made by some SSPX priests in Australia Mr Michael Davies responded with: 33

In my opinion, the words of Bishop Fernando Rifan, of Campos, brazil reflect the true attitude which faithful Catholics ought to follow:
"Some persons have questioned the occasional participation of Dom Fernando and some of his priests in Masses celebrated in the Rite of Paul VI.

"Dom Fernando is a Catholic bishop, member of the Catholic episcopate, in communion with the Holy Father the Pope. Thus, like every Catholic bishop, even those of a different rite, he must demonstrate this full communion practically.

"No one can be Catholic while remaining in an attitude of refusal of communion with the Pope and with the Catholic episcopate. In fact, the Church defines as schismatic those who refuse to submit to the Roman Pontiff or to remain in communion with the other members of the Church who are his subjects (canon 751).

"Now, to refuse continually and explicitly to participate in every and any Mass in the rite celebrated by the Pope and by all the bishops of the Church while judging this rite, in itself, incompatible with the Faith, or sinful, represents a formal refusal of communion with the Pope and with the Catholic episcopate.

"The objective fact cannot be denied that the rite of Paul VI is the official rite of the Latin Church, celebrated by the Pope and by all the Catholic episcopate.

"If we consider the New Mass in itself, in theory or in practice, as invalid or heretical, sacrilegious, heterodox, sinful, illegitimate or not Catholic, we would have to hold the theological conclusions of this position and apply them to the Pope and the entire episcopate residing in the world - that is, the whole teaching Church: that the Church has officially promulgated, maintained for decades, and offers every day to God an illegitimate and sinful worship – a proposition condemned by the Magisterium – and that, therefore, the gates of hell have prevailed against her, which would be a heresy. Or else we would be adopting the sectarian principle that we alone are the Church, and outside of us there is no salvation, which would be another heresy. These positions cannot be accepted by a Catholic, either in theory or in practice.

"Our participation, therefore, is based on doctrinal principles. And it does not mean that we do not have reservations about the new rite, as we have already respectfully brought to the attention of the Holy See. Neither does our participation signify approval of everything that may happen. To be united to the hierarchy of the Church and in perfect communion with her does not mean approval of many errors that grow in the bosom of the Holy Church, provoked by her human part. And, of course, we lament profoundly with the Holy Father that the Liturgical Reform has given room for 'ambiguities, liberties, creativities, adaptations, reductions and instrumentalizations' (Ecclesia de Eucharistia, n. 10.52.61) and also has given 'origin to many abuses and led in a certain way to the disappearance of the respect due to the sacred' (Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, Offerten Situng – RŲemisches, nov.dez. 1993, p. 35). Above all, we reject every profanation of the Liturgy, for example the Masses in which the 'Liturgy degenerates into a "show," where one is tempted to make religion interesting with the help of silly changes in fashion...with momentary successes for the group of liturgical fabricators', as Cardinal Ratzinger criticized (Introduction to the book La Reforme Liturgique by Mgr. Klaus Gamber. p. 6).

For all these reasons, we preserve the venerable rite of St. Pius V, but 'cum Petro et sub Petro', in full communion."

Conclusion: I think that BullDogCath (and other like-minded "traditionalists") suffer from the condition known as "chutzpah" ["cheek"!]; however, in the knowledge that people like they and I! CAN return to the full-Communion with Holy Mother Church, I earnestly request prayers on our behalf.

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