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A Critical Examination of Alleged "apparitions and visions"

A Critique of
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Australia's Oldest Journal of Catholic Culture.

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How We Got The Bible: Our Debt To The Catholic Church, by Right Rev. Henry G. Graham

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Pedophilia In The Catholic Church - Or The Result Of Active Homosexual Invasions In The 1960 - 1980 Period?

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Jesus I love you. Prayer for those who are not in full communion with the Church

Welcome to my home page! Born Catholics in 1934 and 1935, our desire is to be faithful Catholics, and to complete our lives in union with the See of Peter. As will be seen - my wife, Norma, and I supported the French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre from 1974 to 1997. Archbishop Lefebvre was excommunicated and declared to be in schism following the illicit consecration, in 1988, of four bishops contrary to the express command of Pope John Paul II.

A part of that story and other interests in our lives are contained herein.



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