On June 30, 2003 the following entry was posted to my Guest Book at Sean ” LachtnŠin's Home Page :

"I am writing to tell you that you are a modern-day pharisee. I, for my part believe...and will CONTINUE to believe in all the Marian apparitions you take upon yourself to condemn, and I refuse and will CONTINUE to refuse any obedience to the SATANIC Vatican Council II. You need prayers. Signed, David L Corradini Jr."

A little research disclosed the following:

My Bravenet Counter recorded two "hits" from David within the space of 86 seconds - not, I suggest, a period in which an in depth analysis of my arguments could be made.

David is an adherent and promoter of the condemned alleged "visions" of Mary Ann Van Hoof of Necedah. His post to Wisconsin Paranormal Chat may be viewed at - wherein he promotes the condemned "Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix of Peace Shrine in Necedah." 1

Necedah is to Bayside as a mother is to a child

Let me explain:


  1. Seer: Mary Ann Van Hoof, neť Bieber ( -1984)
    "...married a divorced man, divorced him and did not go to Church for twenty years. She married again in 1934 to Fred van Hoof. She did not begin to attend Mass regularly until after Nov. 12, 1949. When Fred died, she married Ray Hirt, a man twenty years younger than the mystic. 'Heaven' told her to marry him. However, like her first marriage, she never bothered to get a marriage licence." 2
    Early life: Tenuous relationship to Catholic Church prior to "apparitions."
    "Her mother, Elizabeth Bieber practiced spiritualism and witchcraft with Gypsies from Transylvania. She held seances in Kenosha, WI. Mary Ann and her mother attended Spiritist camps in Wonewac, and her mother became vice-president of the Kenosha Assembly of Spiritualists." 3

  2. "Visions and messages from Heaven...stigmata...countless cures of body and soul. Signs in the sky are seen. Rosaries change to a gold color" from November 12, 1949. 4

  3. Messages

    The messages Mary Ann Van Hoof receives can be described as nothing less than "stupid". When you take away all the sugar and get down to the bottom line, these are the messages of Necedah:

    1) We must sign up for a SPACE SHIP coming to take us away before the coming chastisement. This space ship will be guided by someone called "Alex".

    2) 30,000 priests in the United states are "planted" communists SPIES and should not be listened to or obeyed. [There are only 57,000 priests in the United States.]

    3) All schools, churches, and governments have been infiltrated by a vicious and cunning PLOT to corrupt the "true way". Even the food we eat is planned to CONTROL our minds.

    4) Vatican II is false and should not be followed. The Church is full of "traitorous bishops, heretical cardinals, and BLACK POPES."

    5) The new Mass of Vatican II is FALSE.

    "The errors he [the Holy Father] made were not because of himself, but because of those about him, those who have misquoted him; those who have given false statements in place of his. He [the Holy Father] does not want the Mass altered. He wants the Mass said the way My Divine Son instituted it on Holy Thursday. He does not seek for an easier way."

    From this we can see that the Holy Father is not to be trusted; and that Christ said the First Mass in Latin and not Aramaic; that the Apostles wrote in Latin and not in Greek and Hebrew. How stupid does Mary Ann take us to be? Keep this in mind when considering Bayside, New York, which came out of Necedah.

    6) There is nothing wrong with NOT being a Catholic.

    "Those NOT of the Catholic faith, remember the Lord in YOUR OWN WAY. The ministers should ... teach their flocks to ABIDE BY THEIR RULES of their church and remember THEIR GOD."

    This is "pluralism" and has been condemned by the Church. In fact, it is so wrong that if we took the time we could find at least one Papal Statement against it in every century since Christ.

    7) And of course, the inevitable chastisement that all false apparitions predict, in which only members of the Necedah shrine will be spared. The SPACE SHIP with a 1200-year-old man will come and take them to the MIDDLE EARTH, where they will be spared the chastisement and then emerge to re-populate the world and establish Christ's TRUE CHURCH.


  4. Visions

    Mary Ann sees everything from the Holy Trinity to the angels and the saints. She sees them as six inch tall figures that come at her beckoned call. She points to them in trees, on fences, on her furniture, everywhere. No one else sees them. Then she carries on a one way conversation with them and reports to the people what was said after she has finished. 6

  5. Prophesy

    The "Virgin" told Mary Ann that if the Church did not approve the messages soon it would be too late. That was in 1950. It is now 1996 and they are still condemned. We have not seen any chastisement. Our friends told us that almost every week the messages were the "the last messages" but they went on and on anyway. And of course, as in all the other false apparitions, this one is the "last warning on earth" before the chastisement. 7

  6. Obedience

    Right from the beginning, Bishop John Treacy, the local bishop of Necedah, investigated the alleged apparitions and ordered all activities stopped--1950. He declared that the happenings were not from God.

    "All claims regarding supernatural revelations and visions made by the aforementioned Mrs. Van Hoof are false. Furthermore, all public and private religious worship connected with these false claims is prohibited...."

    In 1969 Bishop Frederick Freking replaced the retired Bishop Treacy, and ordered a new investigation. He ordered the shrine closed.

    Mary Ann's response to this was to tell the people that no matter what the bishop said, they must do

    "what Our Lady of Necedah wants ... This is my property, and I'll do as I wish."

    In 1972 the bishop sent a letter informing Mary Ann that unless his directives were followed, he would have to take sanctions against her and her followers. Many warnings followed. She did not obey.

    In 1975 Bishop Freking excommunicated and refused sacraments to anyone who: attended, participated, approved, associated with, contributed to, anything whatsoever associated with the Shrine at Necedah, whether pageants, prayer meetings, devotions, venerations, visits, meetings, classes, secret meetings, strategy meetings, seances, movies, books, or anything else, whether at the Shrine or away from it.

    [We wonder how many people are "excommunicated ipso facto" without even knowing it.]

    Mary Ann's response to this was to bring in an already excommunicated "Old Roman Catholic" Bishop, Edward Stehlik. The Old Catholic Sect was established after Vatican I, and has been schismatic and excommunicated for several hundred years. He brought in priests and another bishop, Bishop Francis DeBennedetto.

    An order of sisters [the Seven Sorrows of Our Holy Mother Sisters] was established without vows. They dressed themselves up as Catholic nuns and made up their own vows. 8

  7. Once more, the Bishop of La Crosse, Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke, wrote on May 11, 1998 of the disapproval and interdict of "several of the leaders of the 'Shrine' because of their contumacy.'" 9 Subsequent to the bishop's Interdict, Mrs Van Hoof approved the services of "Archbishop" Edward M. Stechlik of the Old Catholic "American National Catholic Church." [formerly called: "American National Church, Roman Catholic Ultrajectine"] Included in his history is excommunication from "The Old Catholic Church of Illinois "for, among other things, his two marriages and 'devil worship'." For the full - and very interesting story, refer to

  8. Interestingly, the Old Catholic Bishop mentioned above, Bishop [later Archbishop] Stehlick receives quite a lot of attention from the Salt lake City MESSENGER - other former Old Catholic/Necedahite personalities, William Schmoebelen, Brother Glen Goergen and Gary McLaughlin. Here is a brief excerpt - I will let you read the full story at the link below: 10

    NECEDAH - Members of Necedah's Van Hoof shrine call them "Archbishop Stehlick, Father Javore and Brother Glen." But these three latest leaders of the shrine cult have followed a twisted trail of deceit, hypocrisy and outright fraud to this tiny Central Wisconsin village.

    When self-proclaimed mystic Mary Ann Van Hoof announced last May that "The archbishop is coming," she intentionally raised the hopes of her followers...

    Most expected a visit from Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland and the announcement that, after years of calling Van Hoof shrine a hoax, the Roman Catholic Church was finally recognizing the claims of Van Hoof, the Necedah farm woman who claims to have frequent visits from the Virgin Mary.

    But the man who arrived... was Edward Michael Stehlik, a man who has followed a twisted path to religion.... in a story in The Capital Timeson May 30, Stehlik calls himself the "Archbishop and Metropolitan of North America, American National Catholic Church,"... But the story also pointed out that, despite the fancy title, he is not a Roman Catholic priest.

    In fact, according to a report aired last month by Milwaukee television station WISN... Stehlik's claims of a Catholic background – that he spent two years studying at St. Nazianz Seminary... and four years in a Discalced Carmelite monastery – are pure fiction.

    A Channel 12 special news team.... spent more than six months investigating Stehlik and the Van Hoof shrine. They found overwhelming evidence that the man who now claims to be an archbishop boasts a long history of deceit, hypocrisy and misrepresentation, including the following:

    "Court records show that during the time... Stehlik claims to have been in a monastery(1962-68), he was married for the first time. His first wife assured investigators that the couple had been living in the Milwaukee area between 1966 and 1968.

    "...Stehlik claimed to hold a chemistry degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The university last lists him as a student with sophomore standing...

    "In a hand-written resume Stehlik gave officials of a Milwaukee Presbyterian church, he states, 'My leaning toward homosexuality began during the last years of my married life. I experienced several... affairs during that time... there are still some men who attract my attention.'

    "Yet the official line of his new church blatantly discriminates against homosexuals and takes a harsh stand against their admission to the priesthood:..."

    "Stehlik claims to have been ordained by Milwaukee Bishop Walter Brown of the Old Catholic Church, a splinter group... Yet Brown claims he excommunicated Stehlik for "un-Christ-like behavior" at a Mass.

    "Stehlik also claims ordination in another Catholic splinter group – the Old Catholic Church of Illinois. But he was excommunicated by that group for, among other things, his two marriages and 'devil worship'"....

  9. Following the Old Catholic/Necedaite connection, Fr. Cekada wrote:

    "As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, Stehlik's sect has recently given its approval to the activities of a Mrs. Mary Ann Van Hoof in Necedah, Wisconsin. Mrs. Van Hoof claims to have had visions from the Blessed Mother, beginning in 1950. The Catholic Bishop of LaCrosse, well before the Second Vatican Council, investigated her claims and refused to give any credence to them.

    "In recent years, however, Archbishop Stehlik appeared on the scene. He decided that his sect could approve Mrs. Van Hoof's alleged visions.

    "On Good Friday, April 13, 1979, Stehlik was present during one of the alleged apparitions. The message which Our Lady was supposed to have given appeared in a paper published by the shrine. We cite part of it: "Some of you present are wondering about the Bishop present. This Bishop has his heart with God, his heart with the Holy Mother. He can become your Bishop. It is entirely up to you. But there has to be a thorough understanding with him and your flock... That would be an answer to all your prayers. The Old Catholics are honorable and respectable Catholics, you need not fear them..." 11

    "If Mrs. Van Hoof is to be believed, Our Lady says that Catholics have nothing to fear from heretics who deny papal infallibility, permit divorce and distort history. If Mrs. Van Hoof is to be believed, apparently Our Lady must have had strong words of reproach for Pope St. Pius X, who did not share such a high opinion of the Old Catholics.

    "Such statements from Mrs. Van Hoof make it rather clear that the person responsible for the visions at Necedah is not Our Lady, but Mrs. Van Hoof. How could the Mother of God approve heresy, sacrilege and schism?

    "Additionally, one is inclined to have certain reservations about both the Ultrajectines and the apparitions which supposedly bestowed a heavenly blessing upon their work after reading some of the allegations which came to light last year (1979) when a television station examined some of the claims of Archbishop Stehlik. The series was broadcast on WISN-TV in Milwaukee, and we quote an account printed in one of the newspapers there:

    Leaders of the religious sect associated with the shrine at Necedah that is headed by Mary Ann Van Hoof have been accused in a series now being broadcast by WISN-TV (Channel 12) of misrepresenting themselves.

    The series...challenges the religious credentials of Archbishop Edward Michael Stehlik, Father David Javore, and Brother Glen Goergen of the American National Catholic Church...

    According to the programs... Stehlik of Milwaukee lied in his claim to have been in a monastery from 1962 to 1968. He was married in 1966, the series states...

    The series states that Stehlik claimed to have been at the Carmelite Monastery at Holy Hill for four years, but the monastery said that there was no record of the stay. He also claimed to have a degree in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but the school said that his last recorded status there listed him as a sophomore.

    On film, Stehlik asked to end the interview during a discussion about his attempts to become an Episcopal priest and his claim to be affiliated with an Episcopal church in Watertown.

    The series also states that Stehlik was excommunicated from the Old Catholic Church... after he reportedly went to a service dressed in what was described as witchlike garb and babbled unintelligibly. The excommunication also cited two marriages and devil worship, the programs says." 12

  10. Incidentally, Necedah's Gary McLaughlin, mentioned above, is mentioned by Thomas W. Case as follows:

    On at least one occasion a couple of years ago [Fr. Robert Stemper, S.J.] visited the place of the phony apparitions in Necedah. He was then in the company of Father "X" a reputed prophet who advertises himself as the true seer for Necedah and Bayside -- thrilling mystic credentials indeed. Father "X" is actually Gary McLaughlin, a gentleman who was convicted of mail fraud and impersonating a priest in New Mexico in 1987.

    A couple hundred miles east of Powers Lake in North Dakota is a religious center called Our Lady of Victory International Shrine. McLaughlin after unsuccessfully trying to take over the Shrine at Powers Lake established the Orrin, ND shrine two or three years ago. Here he rules and receives rather wordy messages from the Blessed Virgin and Jesus on such subjects as the New World Order, the International Bankers Conspiracy and the Masonic bishops and cardinals leading the Church today. In the middle of one of these long-winded locutions Our Lord proclaims:

    "The Great Pontiff of the future shall be an American and come from the Shrine in North Dakota. I see the Pontiff and I am amazed. He rules the Church with the tenderness of a Shepherd and the iron rod and smites the enemies of Church with his breath.... Oh! It is horrible. I now see the destruction of those seers and laity who refuse to unite with this Shrine. I see the Bishops and Cardinals and Priests being executed in the Chastisement. I see Veronica Leuken [the seer of Bayside] in a turmoil, Satan buffeting her for a small space. I now see Veronica saying: "Yes Father McLaughlin is the future Pontiff. . . obey only Seers that are united with Orrin, ND and Bayside. I am in union... total union with you Father and you shall lead all Seers worldwide."

    Fr. Stemper's association with this Great Pontiff-to-be and his involvement with the cult at Necedah might make one wonder a bit about his judgment if not his religious sanity. 13

  11. Of even more interest is the news that Gary McLaughlin, also known as "Fr. X," of Orrin, North Dakota, is now listed among the upcoming Papal Claimants at Robert Hess' website!14


  1. Seer: Veronica Lueken (1923-1995)
    Wife of Arthur, and mother of five children.

  2. In 1953 she "lived in Indianapolis...visited Necedah and kept up a close correspondence with Mary Ann Van Hoof. There is a great deal of evidence that Veronica Lueken learned her magic from Van Hoof [the seer of Necedah], if not actually receiving some sort of power from Necedah. In fact, Mary Ann Van Hoof had to have her phone changed in view of the many calls she received in the middle of the night from Veronica Lueken. 15

  3. Visions

    St. Theresa appeared to Lueken in 1968 and directed her to record her poems and spiritual writings.

    Virgin Mary appeared to Lueken in her home on April 7, 1970 informing her that:

    She would appear at the St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside on June 18:

    Prayer vigils be held there and the Rosary recited.

    Parish clergy be prepared for Mary’s first visit.

    A Shrine and Basilica be erected at this site named “our Lady of the Roses, Mary Helper of Mothers.

    She would return on great feast days of the Church.

    Lueken should disseminate the messages she received throughout the world.

    At vigils Lueken received messages from Mary, Jesus, or a powerful Saint. Organization

    A shrine, Our Lady of the Roses Shrine at Bayside, was erected.

    Miraculous healings continue to be reported.

    Miraculous visions and photographs continue to be reported.

    Vigils of prayer and atonement are held on the great feast days of the Church.

  4. Church Position

    In 1986 the Brooklyn Archdiocese issued a “negative memorandum”.

    "...the alleged 'visions' of Bayside completely lacked authenticity."

    "No credibility can be given to the so-called 'apparitions'..."

    "The 'messages' and other related propaganda contains statements which, among other things, are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church, undermine the legitimate authority of bishops and councils and instill doubts in the minds of the faithful..."

    "Those who persistently maintain that 'no ecclesiastical permission is required for the publication or dissemination of information concerning 'revelations, visions, or miracles,' are erroneously interpreting..."

    "...the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has confirmed..."

    "...Christ's faithful are hereby directed to refrain from participating...and from disseminating any propaganda..."

    etc. etc. 16

    The shrine rejects the church’s judgement. 17

  5. Miracles

    There are many claims at Bayside. There are claims of physical and spiritual cures. But the only thing that can be called unusual are the photos of strange lights. There are also claims of the smell of roses, rosaries that change to gold and the like, but all of these are Satan's parlor tricks. He (or any good magician) can do the same. So, from a standpoint of miracles, there is nothing that can be said, nor is any claimed by the promoters. The fact of no miracles is important, though, since God never sends His Mother with a message for the world without proving it [bearing witness to it] with a miracle. The primary purpose of miracles according to the Church and the writings of St. Thomas is to bear witness to the truth. The truth God would have to bear witness to is the messages and/or the saintliness of the mystic.


    The messages are bizarre to say the least. But they harmonize with the messages of Garabandal and Necedah with a few discrepancies: a worldwide WARNING, a worldwide MIRACLE, and a fiery CHASTISEMENT in the form of a "Ball of Redemption" - a comet which will strike the earth, and along with World War III and other disasters, will remove three-quarters of mankind.

    According to the "voice Box" as Veronica is called, Paul VI was an imposter pope; John Paul I was poisoned; the current pope is a prisoner, and Vatican II is a false council. All the bishops are heretics. The New Order Mass is not sacramental. Anyone receiving communion in the hand is sinning. The whole message is the complete Traditionalist line.

    Some of these messages are so far from the Catholic Faith it is beyond understanding how anyone can believe them.

    "Understand well, my children, that he [the Pope] is also a human being subject to error."

    What happened to infallibility and/or obedience? Even if the statement means that the Holy Father makes errors when he speaks away from the Chair of Peter, it is still false. For Vatican II and all the other Councils state that he must be obeyed even in his daily correspondence, written or oral. But then the voices of Bayside have something to say about that also.

    "– and Satan, himself, the deceiver of all mankind, sat in on Vatican II and maneuvered all the outsiders to come in and distort My Doctrines and distort the truth."

    In answer to that statement, we cannot do better than to quote Cardinal Ratzinger:

    "It is likewise impossible to decide in favor of Trent and Vatican I, but against Vatican II. Whoever denies Vatican II denies the authority that upholds the other two councils and thereby detaches them from their foundation."

    (The Ratzinger Report page 28, Ignatius Press)

    The voices of Bayside have stated that an imposter Pope governed the Church in place of Paul VI. The best answer to that claim came from God, Himself. Pope Paul Vi's body is uncorrupted.

    Veronica Lueken tells her followers that since Fatima has been silenced, the TRUTH will only be made known at Bayside. In other words, we should not listen to anyone anymore except Veronica Lueken. She made herself out to be the POPE, the voice of Christ on earth. From this point alone we can know infallibly that Bayside is false, since this is the main test of all miracles. John tells us that obeying the Apostles [bishops] is the test:

    "We are of God. He who knows God listens to us; he who is not of God does not listen to us. BY THIS WE KNOW THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND THE SPIRIT OF ERROR." (1 John 4:6)

    Bayside preaches that Deacons should not give out communion. We would assume then that St. Tarcisius was a sinner for bringing communion to the Christians in jail. Veronica taught that God does not allow women to preach from the pulpit, that all seminaries, schools, catechisms and Bibles have been corrupted and can not be trusted, thereby doing all she could to undermine the authority of the Church. The biggest and main point of the messages of Bayside is the coming chastisement [Ball of Redemption] in the form of fire from heaven.


    The main heresy taught at Bayside by the "voice box" is that the Protestant idea of Rapture is true, and that the elect will be taken away before the ball of fire. Not only is that the same as what Van Hoof preached at Necedah, but it is a heresy that goes back to the first century called "Millenarianism". It was condemned by the Councils of the Church, and was condemned by the Apostle John, himself.

    We have written extensively on Millenarianism as being the "greatest of Satan's lies" in a book called "The Tongues of Satan". So, we need not go into great detail here, however it suffices to know the reason Satan wants people to believe in things like the RAPTURE, the WARNING, and the MIRACLE.

    The "moment of death" is the most important moment in our lives. It is the moment of truth. If Satan can get us to believe that in spite of seeing death at our door, we will not die yet, he wins. He does this by claiming that we will be raptured away at the last second, or that the chastisement can not already be here, since a warning and a miracle must come first.

    Any one (who studies mystical prophecy) knows that there will come upon the earth a chastisement someday, 75% of the world will die, an age of peace will follow, and the Anti-Christ will then appear. After the Anti-Christ will come the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ. It is in His second coming that there will be a snatching away of the elect. This outline of history comes from the Bible and from over 104 approved prophets since the Bible. Knowing this, listen to the "Voice Box":

    "I give you grace of heart, my children, to know that many shall be taken from your earth before the great Chastisement...when these beloved children disappear from the earth, many of your new medias shall state that they have been carried off by flying saucers."


    We first heard about Bayside when returning from a four year trip overseas. Many of our readers were asking our opinion about it, since we had written against so many others already. We knew that there was only one way to justify giving our readers spiritual direction by mail. We wrote to the bishop of Bayside. What we learned from saints like Padre Pio, Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Menendez and the like, is that we can be infallible on these matters if we follow the Church. If a bishop refrains from giving a ruling then personal discretion must be taken in light of Canons 1399 and 2318. But Bishop Francs John Mugavero did not refrain, and in answer to our letter he sent a four page condemnation of Bayside. Part of this Declaration states:

    "In view of my declaration concerning the authenticity of the 'visions of Bayside', the SACRED CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH [ROME] has confirmed that the principles governing the publication of such religious material still maintain authoritative moral value prohibiting the endangering of faith and good morals. Response of SCDF of June 14, 1966, in ASS 58, 1186. As a result, those publishing or dissemination of this propaganda literature are acting against the judgment of legitimate Church authority."

    In other words, anyone printing or distributing literature about Bayside is sinning against the Fourth Commandment. In almost every case this is a MORTAL SIN if known by the promoter. Canon Law states very plainly that:

    "Nothing, absolutely nothing, regarding the Catholic Church can be done in a geographical area without the permission of the local bishop.

    And on page 279 of FUNDAMENTALS OF CATHOLIC DOGMA, Ott me can read:

    "He that honors the bishop is honored by God; he that does ANYTHING without consulting the bishop, SERVES THE DEVIL."

    Considering these declarations in Canon Law and the Dogma of the Faith, [Satis cognitum and Mystici Corporis] let us obey the local bishop, who states:

  6. "Anyone promoting this devotion in any way, be it by participating in the 'vigils', organizing pilgrimages, publishing or dissemination the literature related to it, is contributing to the confusion which is being created in the faith of God's people, as well as encouraging them to act against the determinations made by the legitimate pastor of this particular Church."

  7. Nonetheless, Bayside is not only promoted in newsletters all over the world, but it is promoted daily on radio, and every week on television. Not only is everyone involved in this promotion sinning, but they are also leading others away from the Unity of the Church, out of which no one can be saved. 18

  8. If Our Lady bestowed any blessings on Veronica, they must be coming in the next world; her life as a Marian seer was one of seemingly unbroken hardship. The Diocese of Brooklyn quickly dismissed her claim of a miraculous intervention, condemned her cult, and continues to discourage her followers. Her husband feared for her sanity. Her sixteen-year-old son Raymond was shot to death in a "mysterious accident" in 1974. (In partial consolation, Raymond's spirit began visiting his mother during her Marian ecstasies); one of her grandchildren died a few years later. She was wracked by pain from a disintegrated vertebrae. Unruly Queens teenagers pelted Veronica's followers with apples and rocks, and her neighbors succeeded in getting a court order forbidding gatherings at the original site of the miracles. (Fortunately, Mary advised Veronica in a dream to comply with the order, and the visitations continued in Flushing Meadows Park).

    As if in revenge for the church's dismissal of her miracle, Veronica began spilling ever more damaging secrets – of satan-worshiping priests, of secret pacts between the Cardinals and the Illuminati, and in 1975 the news that an Imposter Pope was sitting on the Throne of Peter while Paul VI remained locked in a Vatican dungeon. (This last claim was backed up by photographic evidence showing that the fake pope's ears were the wrong size.)

    In his book The Cult of the Virgin Mary, University of Western Ontario professor Michael P. Carroll makes a compelling case that the Bayside apparitions were modeled on Mary Ann Van Hoof's Necedah apparitions, in particular borrowing Van Hoof's obsession with Soviet submarines. But as Veronica's visions grew steadily less disciplined and more outlandish – accommodating messages from various saints, Jesus Christ and the Pope – they became a kind of map of the moral hysteria of the last quarter of the twentieth century. Along with a methodical rebuke to every Catholic reform measure of the time – the English-language mass, altar girls, communion in the hand, etc. – Our Lady of Bayside serves up a rightist's banquet of domestic terrors: missing children, the coming race war, the divine scourge of AIDS, Arab plots to undermine Israel and the United States ("dark-skinned" and "hook-nosed" agents of Old Scratch figure heavily in Bayside demonology). After the Oscar-winning actress Susan Hayward refused to acknowledge Our Lady of Bayside as the cause of a remission in her brain tumor, Mary, in a characteristically punitive mood, caused the tumor to recur, this time fatally.

    But the gravest threat named at Bayside remains the insidious communist menace. "The plan of...communism is to overthrow the rule in the Eternal City, gain control in politics in a manner to control the world," Our Lady of Bayside announced in 1976. "They seek to overthrow Rome, these agents of hell and atheism, My child; they seek to overthrow Rome and gain control of the power of the House of My Son throughout the world. They will subvert it from within." 19

  9. Baysiders still promote pre-1976 Necedah:

    "It may come as a surprise to many Bayside believers that we would be publishing excerpts from the Revelations of the Blessed Virgin Mary given to Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah, Wisconsin. First of all, and most importantly, we feel that Bayside believers cannot really understand the Bayside messages without this background information given in the Necedah revelations. We believe the latter revelations to be authentic until 1975. In that year the seer, Mary Ann Van Hoof, was tricked into accepting the leadership of a schismatic group, and thus separated herself from her local Bishop. In spite of this serious lapse in judgment, her messages before that time remain fully valid and worthy of our belief.

    "As further proof of the authenticity of Necedah, we have noticed that both apparitions use the same terminology to describe the plot of the Forces of Evil. The terms "Synagogue of Satan," "Octopus of Evil," "Grand Masters," "Illuminati," "Money Changers," etc. are used by both as the agents behind the scenes controlling all the governments of the world. However, Necedah goes far beyond Bayside in supplying the details of the conspiracy of evil, including naming a lot of the sinister figures working to create a One World Government under the UN.

    "Bayside believers have not read their messages carefully, as they continue to believe what the mass media (which Our Lady at Bayside said are totally controlled by the One Worlders) are saying about who is responsible for the 911 World Trade Center disaster. There is no credible evidence that Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with the terror attack on September 11th, but rather every points that, at the very minimum, the US Government was complicit in this plot." 20

So! Can any of this mishmash of apparent denial of Catholic Dogma, utter drivel and disobedience emanate from the Mother of God? God forbid! Rather, plainly it is the work of either deluded human beings or of the satanic. I contend, therefore, that David L. Corradini Jn., is sadly deluded. Unfortunately, it is a delusion suffered by many well-intentioned Catholics who hanker after such "mystical phenomena" as, for example, Bayside, Garabandal, Palma de Troya, Emmitsburgh, San Damiano and, of course, Medjugorge.

F. John Loughnan
July 10, 2003


  1. The W-Files: Wisconsin Paranormal Chat
    From: david corradini jr [davey6279@y...]
    Date: Sat Jul 21, 2001 3:54 pm
    Subject: Necedah WI

    Anyone ever been to the Queen of the Holy Rosary Mediatrix of Peace Shrine in Necedah? I've been there...LOVE IT!!!!!
    e-mail me davey6279@y...

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